We all need a little Validation

A very cool video – Validation – is worth the 16 minute watch.  Validation is an award winning, comedic fable about the importance of acknowledgment and validation. It shows the magic of looking for the best in people. Validation has played at 34 film festivals worldwide and won 17 awards. I want to be like that guy. He knows that just a few words of validation takes just a moment and can make someone’s day.  Always offer hope, for some it’s all they get.  I thought today how true that is.  People are who you make them think you think they are.

I’m one of those who talks to other people standing in lines.  I always have a comment to anyone my elder.  Just today in the market I was next to a grandmotherly 80-something and she apologized for being so slow getting her green beans.  I joked that I knew what she was up to, taking all the good ones.  Her face crinkled into a big smile and I asked how she was going to cook them.  I had the best time listening to her tell me some of her favorite recipes.  She remarked several times about it being hard to cook for one and I told her I liked it because that meant less cleanup.  And that left more time to play in the garden and think happy thoughts and go to the market and pick out all the best green beans. We had the best visit and would say “you again!” when we’d pass in the next aisle.

My morning was made better by listening to her.  I saw her as someone who likely had something to teach me and I was right.  It seemed as though she may not get often asked for advice.

She will see herself a little more through my eyes at least for a few days.  I hope it makes her smile.  It did me.

We all need a little validation.

PS.  Two hours after making this post, and a week after writing it, I open Alan Cohen’s article for the November Horizons, and it talks about the film!


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