Use the alchemy of focused vision to enchant everyday life

I’ve been taking weekends off, something I haven’t done in years. My work is fun, so I work a little even weekends and holidays. Thankfully I live in the midst of a lot of nature, so I take a lot of short breaks to walk or bike around the neighborhood. My partner lives around the corner and also works from home, so we go on little local adventures to keep each other from getting cabin fever.  Saturday I took a long, early walk on a local nature trail, then back home to roast vegetables and make parsley hummus for later.  I plan ahead to be lazy later, and have yummy healthy foods on hand; it makes for more creative snacking options. I spent the afternoon with good friends, chanting on the river and eating delicious Thai food at Siam Orchid. I had their delicious Tom Yum Goong.

Home to view videos of local kirtan and have fun chanting along with it. Sunday took a walk thru the Native Rhythms Festival, and stood awhile to listen to flute music at the ampitheatre. We ran into galpal Janine Chimera and a music connection was made. I love connecting friends for the purpose of creating magic together, and I think magic is what it’s all about.  Magic as in using the alchemy of focused vision to see the good and the enchantment in everyday ordinary life. Then it doesn’t matter if I live and work in the same place.  I can never get into a rut.  I don’t live within these 4 walls, within this 1 mile radius, I live in my imagination and that’s unlimited. Another weekend off.  Yes, I could get used to this. Pass the hummus and pita, please.