To the soon to be Mrs. Right: Apology From the Exes by Jeanette Astorino

We apologize, My sisters and I.
If our misery and healing process, has caused you any distress.
He is indeed Prince Charming, each of us own a pair of sparkling, glass slippers.
We have wet them with our tears, and polished them with our pain.
We are sorry if our anger, interrupts your date night.
It is part of the process, of healing, and letting him go,
Remembering that our interrupted date nights,
Were shattered by the anger of those who went before.

We are sorry,
If we cannot tell others,
How wonderful he is.
There have been enough lies,
That’s his style, not ours.
We are sorry if our crazy,
Bi-polar, borderline, behavior,
Is destroying the best days of your life,
He singled us out,
Because of these traits,
Or drove us to them.

Something about us,
Each one of us,
Attracted him to us,
As he is attracted to you.

But surely he is healed,
We are the crazy ones,
Because he said it to you,
As he said it to us.

Our deepest apologies,
If our friends and family who love us,
Attack him, or speak badly of him,
It’s about us, not you,
And one day, you might discover,
That friends are a good thing to have.

Yes, we are sorry,
If we caused any trouble,
We sincerely hope that you are as happy with him,
As we were before he found us to be,
Inferior, unattractive, lacking,
Having outlived our usefulness.

We are not crazy,
But we once were,
But now that the virus has been neutralized,
Our healing can begin.

On your new love.
We are crazy,
Like all our sisters before us,
And I’m sure things are different for you.

Apology From the Exes by Jeanette Astorino