Tips to Survive the Uranus in Aries Transit Which Ends May 16, 2018

uranus transitting ariesIn Medical Astrology. Uranus= nervous system and Aries= head.  Everyone knows Uranus as unstable and nervous conditions in the body generate hyper conditions: vertigo, convulsions, paralysis, sciatica, Parkinson’s, respiratory complaints, headache, migraine, twitching and cramping, restlessness, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, tremors, insomnia.  These symptoms are known in Chinese Medicine as WIND and also includes sight problems, visual disturbances such as seeing gnat-like objects flying, photophobia (sensitivity to light), red eye, decreased vision, night blindness.  The liver is the organ (YIN) and gallbladder the viscera (YANG), one ruled by Jupiter, the other by Saturn. The liver is associated with the tendons and the eyes are the window of the liver. 

In traditional chinese medicine, we can anticipate and detect that something is not well with our health, especially our livers and gallbladder: The liver is manifested by pain in the neck and pain in the abdomen and particularly the side below the ribs, this type of pain is when the body is being affected, but first we have other minor symptoms such as headache, migraine, dizziness, loss vision, every time we increase the ranking of glasses, a sign that the liver is down, blurred vision or flying objects in the visual field.

Arian tendencies are temper, moodiness, anger easily, dizziness, vertigo, tremors, tics, behind all this symptoms is liver and gallbladder.  The color of the liver and gallbladder is green, there are people who have this color, nails in poor condition, it is also about the liver.  If you are displaying Uranian tendencies — nervous, always running, running at full speed, rage, repressed anger, desperate, in anguish, intolerant, with insomnia or restless sleep — you would benefit by helping your body and mind recover tranquility. Increasing your physical exercise, working up a sweat and getting yourself out of breath every day will help release excess energy and stress.

Avoid junk food and processed food. Avoid alcohol, it  generates much internal heat = more YANG.  Increase consumption of green foods. Avoid hot or spicy foods. Avoid acidic, fermented or sour foods.

So, how to survive Uranus in Aries which ends May 16, 2018?  Eat healthy, avoid toxins, find fun ways to work out, fun things to do to get yourself sweating and out of breath at least once a day.  Take time to chill, meditate, spend time away from technology when possible.  That’s actually how to survive most anything, when I think about it.

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