Time for a trip to the beach to bless the ocean

I just learned of the oil spilling from the ruptured well off the coast of the state of Louisiana. We’re all blessing the water, right? It might be a good idea to gather friends and go to the beach if one is nearby, to bless the water and bless the shoreline. Or just send some prayers out from home, from where you are right now. See the spill being cleared and the ocean fresh and clean again. An exercise: Breathe in the impurities and breathe them out as an offering up to God. Breathe in God’s love, and breathe it out onto the waters.

Bayou Woman suggests praying for strong northerly winds blowing and dispersing the slick to deeper waters. This is when our daily practice pays off, adding to a strong group mind with focused intent.  This is real life 3-D alchemy.  I stopped by the beach this morning and brought back a small jar of the ocean to place on my altar to be prayed over.  You can do the same.  Who’s up for a drumming on the beach to see how much oil we can dissipate via sound waves?

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