Another beach sunrise: the planets are like our friends around us

I went out to the beach before sunrise again this morning.  I really enjoy sitting at the beach watching the night sky.  I get a real expansive feeling and it’s easy to leave worldly thoughts behind.  Last night was a conjunction of Venus, Saturn, Mars and the moon, and the Perseid meteor shower this morning. Sitting and watching the stars, I thought how the planets moving around the sky are like our friends moving around us.  We are affected by coming in contact with the planets just as we are affected by the personalities of our friends.  Mars (or Jane) comes in and we feel energized, we feel motivated to action.  Venus (or Sharon) comes by making an aspect, and we feel appreciation, we are agreeable and cooperative.  Mercury (or Larry) comes in and communication occurs, we are objective and rational.  If combined with Mars, we are able to formulate and communicate our ideas.  If Venus is making aspects, we are able, or unable to appreciate the value and beauty of the idea.  If one planet moves away, it lessens the effect on the other planets as well, just as if a friend had left the meeting and his influence fades.  Interesting.

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