The cries, the lies are simply ‘hitting the snooze button’ but it’s still part of awakening. Be happy for the awakening.

A friend wrote, “I made someone cry today and I feel kind of bad about it. Even though this person has been nothing but a snot to me since we met, but when I called them out on it today, they started crying. So what do I do with this?”  I wrote: “Do not feel bad. You told your truth with good intent. If they had such an emotional reaction to it, that was what they needed to break through a barrier they had. God chose you to be the instrument. It is an honor, do not feel bad, feel blessed and pray for their understanding. Understanding is what eases pain.” When people have an attitude with you, are hateful, lie and malign you, all they are doing is hitting the snooze button. They are not ready to wake up yet.  They are comfortable in their dream world. And you can’t let that concern you.

Whatever inflames you? Whatever irks you, there lies your emotional work.  God simply chose you to be a catalyst. You can’t be happy for their awakening and sad for their suffering at the same time.  Lisa J. Trevino wrote: “When you are going through something, it’s because you’re awakening to your True Self. So while I see you cry, thrashing about, I see a beautiful butterfly coming from the cocoon. I celebrate, knowing that your freedom awaits You! To be sorry is to miss MY lesson… to see the truth in ALL events. I’ll hold your hand while you walk and I’ll let you cry into my body… but I’m happy for your awakening, my Love. ”

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