On James Ray Keeping The Silence

Cassandra Yorgey wrote at Sweat lodge survivors continue to speak out and I commented:  “I agree it appears James Ray is acting without integrity after the fact. However, as a former criminal defense paralegal of 22 years, I recognize he’s simply acting like someone who knows what to do when law enforcement comes on the scene of a crime in which he might be culpable. You have a right to say “I’m going to remain silent and I’d like to see a lawyer.” And as long as that is all you say, you’re in compliance with the law and the attorneys suss it all out later. This is a neat link to an online book that tell you how to handle yourself with law enforcement, invoking your right to remain silent and request a lawyer. That’s what James Ray was doing the night of the Sedona sweat lodge deaths.  Legal counsel surely briefed him, after the July 2009 death of Colleen Conaway, that he is not to speak to anyone after an incident. He knew that any word coming from him afterward about the event would have to be scripted and okayed by his attorneys first. Period.

So, as a professional familiar with the justice system, I don’t see his silence as sneaky.

Simply strategic and orchestrated.

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