Nothing needs to change except my perception of what is available to me

I spent the entire day making calls and running around town, putting out fires that I let begin by not paying attention, by letting slide what I know to not let slide. Ya gotta love vibrational matching – it never fails to shows me exactly where I am, with no doubt for a moment. No matter what it is, I attracted that! I’m blessed that even when “bad” things happen, they’re not really “bad,” more of an inconvenience. Usually it first appears as an inconvenience then always morphs into a boon and a blessing.  

I don’t like to have debt, use credit or borrow money. When I have big purchases, I do 3-6 months same as cash, then pay it down right away. I goofed earlier this year overpaying some big things, postponing others, and let the coffers get low. Simply by not paying attention.

 The blessing is when I go into “scramble to get it done” mode and I find that the floodgates open right up, showing clearly that greater opportunity is available to me.  I’d needed $2800 to pay something off. At 9:00am today, I didn’t think I had it. Long story short, I now have it. Nothing changed but my perception. My perception of who owns what and my perception of what is available to me.

I can choose to look at it as, “Well, I lost this advantage or I had to request an extension on a payment to do this.” But the bottom line is I went from first noticing what I’d attracted due to not paying attention, to a flurry of calls and appointments with the end result being me having exactly what I needed when I needed it. With God’s grace may it ever be so.

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