Not aiming high enough on my virtual keyboard – and my life?

LG Optimus V keyboard

I bought a new cell phone yesterday and am getting used to the virtual keyboard.  It feels like I am using it with oven mitts on, but I’m getting better.  My problem is I’m so used to being heavy handed and that habit causes me to press more than just the one key.  Also I haven’t yet learned where the center of gravity and balance is for my right thumb as it touches the keypad at the angle my hand holds it.  I keep aiming for the center of the key, which causes me to hit the key below it.  I should instead be aiming for the top of the key and only lightly touch down on it.  I’m sure as I continue to do it, that part of my thumb will morph into the perfect stylus.  With all the body modification stuff, surely they can implant a heat conducting thumb stylus for easy texting on a tiny keypad.  I’ve got some fine motor damage in my fingers and tiny typing is good exercise for keeping them nimble.

Yesterday I went to Best Buy and got the LG Optimus V on Virgin Mobile half price for $65.99,  no contract. I was out the door for $139.90 with one month prepaid unlimited voice, text and internet for $55 a month and 1 year of extended warrranty for $11.99.  I figure for this price, if I don’t like it, I’ll know more what I want or don’t want 30 days from now.

I was up early this morning playing with my new phone. I don’t know how to access the  simm card so I’ve been hand transferring people into in it. I’m not giving the number out yet since I may end up transferring the old number and continuing to use that, I’m not sure yet. A half dozen of you have the new number. If you need to be in my phone, send me an email and I’ll add you.

I was initially glad to find this pdf Owner’s Manual for the LG Optimus V online, since it’s much easier to read than the one that comes with it (written in like 6 point type.)     But ya gotta laugh, that manual says on page 37 that you can save battery life by seeing pages 78, 153, 178, 206.  But that’s not what’s on those pages LOL  “Outsourcing,” as my friend Ray Hines jokes.  I don’t mind, that’s what Google is for, plus Ray’s dad just got the same phone!

I played with the phone late into the night, long past the time when my brain was functioning optimally.  By 2:00am I’d learned how to create a new contact without having to dial the number first and hang up right away.  I’m sure the rest of my friends appreciated that.  I fell asleep in the chair several times then went to bed.  This morning I woke up to find the remote control from the living room in my bathroom sink,  and it seems I made Izzy a nice salad to go underneath the can of cat food I put on top of it in his dish.  It tuns out the big kitty will eat romaine.

So my lesson with the virtual keyboard for effective communication is:  Use a light touch, aim high and centered, don’t cover too much ground and stay laser focused on only the task immediately at hand.  Hmmm.  That’s good advice for life too, huh?