My Patience Pays Off

A couple of weeks ago I went with a girlfriend who wanted to sell some of her gold jewelry.  I had some I hadn’t worn in years but hadn’t thought of selling it,and didn’t need the money for anything.    We did some research online to learn how to calculate a fair price for scrap gold and then separated it into 10k, 14k and 18k.  We weighed her pieces on my postage scale to get a rough idea of what she had.   Then we called around town and asked who paid how much per gram for scrap gold.  Many would not say.  The price for 14k gold that day was $1604 per ounce and the lowest offer we got was $13 per gram at Sullivan’s Jeweler’s on 192  and the highest was $21 per gram at Kempf’s  and Damon’s.   Genna in Palm Bay offered $18/gram and Orlando Gold Buyers first offered $496 on a bracelet weighing 32.2 grams, talking in pennyweights, then upped the offer for $700 after testing the gold content.  My friend sold her pieces and walked away happy and that was the end of that.  

A couple of days later I have a dream that I walk into my home and the inside is completely empty.  It wasn’t a scary feeling as in being robbed, it was rather a free feeling.  But it made me think, if I have anything here that I’d miss if it was taken, maybe I don’t need to have it.  I only had a small box of gold jewelry I hadn’t worn in years and a $20 gold piece coin in a heavy bevel my dad gave me years ago.  I’m not sentimental and I’m sure not going to wear a big honkin gold coin around my neck, that’s not my style.  I did my research and sold it for $2,200, a price I was happy with.  The coin disposed of, I next gathered up my gold and took it to several of the stores to find that day’s best price and got some offers.  One was particularly helpful and after testing a piece, said he’d talk to his gold buyer and get the best price he could.  In my mind,  knew I’d be happy with $4500.  Long story short, his gold buyer ran out of money before he got to my seller and said he’d have to come back in week or so.  I wasn’t in a hurry so I waited.

A friend of mine freaked out and said, “What if gold prices go way down by the time he gets back to you??? You should sell it somewhere else right now!”  Gold prices were still going up and I didn’t really need the money.  Plus I was in the middle of final layout for the February Horizons Magazine and had my hands full.  I didn’t feel in jeopardy.  Finally I got the call yesterday.  Gold by then had gone up to $1665.91 an ounce, so instead of the $4500 I’d hoped for my scrap gold, my total was $5,690.

Oh, and by the way, I totalled my outstanding bills and they totaled $6,029, so I wrote checks to pay them all off.   I love living in his Universe.  If I row my boat merrily down the stream, life can be a dream.