Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius Jan 21-Feb 11, 2015

retrograde meansMercury goes retrograde January 21 – February 11, 2015 in Aquarius.  To learn how this will affect you, look to the area of your horoscope where Aquarius falls and expect to undergo some revision in that department for the next several weeks.  In general, this is a time for all of us to rethink our long-term goals, as in your 5-10-20-year plans. Aquarius rules the bigger wishes and dreams, plus the tribe and social networks that take us there. All of this is up for review now. If you don’t like where your life is heading, take time to reassess under this retrograde.  On the fun side, old friends and tribe members could suddenly reappear in your life after a long absence. If they do, they’re probably returning to help you redefine your future mission statement. This is also a time when we’re reflecting upon where we belong in the greater whole. If we don’t feel like we’ve found “our people” as in kindred souls with similar values and goals, this is a chance to really reflect on what’s out of alignment or what we need to do to find our crew.  

Some friendships may be on the outs while other missing-in-action besties unexpectedly return to the scene. Aquarius loves to add the unexpected twist to any situation, so this is a great opportunity to think outside of the box. We’re also more likely to have a greater sense of detachment and objectivity under this influence, which can be immensely helpful for mental breakthroughs where we once felt way too emotionally attached. That said, communication on social networking could be disastrous during this retrograde due to quirky misunderstandings or status updates gone awry.

I think Mercury Retrograde  gets a bad rap.  Since Mercury rules communication, people love to say “oh everything’s going wrong, that’s Mercury retrograde for you,” and that’s not the case at all.  Mercury Retrograde just means review, reconsider, return for more info. Pay extra attention to detail.  Check everything twice.  Slow down during this time, to be as effective as you can be. The way to make the most of Mercury retrograde is to not let it have any power over you. Stop keeping track of when it is.  If you can’t do that, then make Mercury retrograde a time for you to be extra careful paying attention to details.

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