Mercury Retrograde De Mystified

retrograde-meansI think Mercury Retrograde  gets a bad rap.  Since Mercury rules communication, people love to say “oh everything’s going wrong, that’s Mercury retrograde for you,” and that’s not the case at all.  Mercury Retrograde just means review, reconsider, return for more info. Pay extra attention to detail.  Check everything twice.  Slow down during this time, to be as effective as you can be.

Mercury retrograde is a time for reviewing your communication skills.  Have you been as clear as you could be?  Case in point: talking about Mercury retrograde as though it’s something to be dreaded. That’s just one of those things that people repeat because they’ve heard other people say it, but they don’t really know what it means.  They just know it sounds cool and in the know.  But all that does it leave a whole bunch of people walking around with thoughts of Mercury retrograde hanging over their heads like an axe in the ceiling, always waiting for it to drop.  When you live your life like that, you’re inviting things to crash down on your head.

Is there an actual astrological event impacting our life here on Earth?  Do the planets really affect us?    Sure.  But it’s nothing that is completely out of our hands. Our conscious thought overrules a lot of default activity. Just like any other area of life.

The way to make the most of Mercury retrograde is to not let it have any power over you. Stop keeping track of when it is.  If you can’t do that, then make Mercury retrograde a time for you to be extra careful paying attention to details. If you have to do a job so quickly that it will be sloppy, this isn’t the time to do it.

If you’re worrying about a business transaction that has to take place during Mercury retrograde, postpone it. Otherwise you’ll focus so much fear into it that you’ll attract a problem, since you’re already worrying about it now.  The same with your phones and your electronic equipment. If you have a thought in your head that you’ll have a problem, sure enough you’ll attract one.

When you worry ahead of time, you are in a creat-ive workshop pre-paving your futureMake sure it’s what you want, not what you dread.

I was born during Mercury retrograde, so I see it as a very powerful time for me. Maybe you were as well.  Check it out.  It could give you an entire new outlook, and make it a powerful time for you as well.  A natal Mercury Retrograde will allow you to smoothly navigate a Mercury Retrograde. Years ago, an astrological group was trying to organize a workshop with Rob Hand while Mercury was transiting retrograde. Everything was chaotic until the organizers asked people who had natal Mercury retrograde to fulfill the preparation tasks. These people were able to organize efficiently without any of the Retrograde problems.


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