Mary Knows Best, Psychic medium Mary Occhino

Today I watched a segment of Mary Knows Best on Syfy Brighthouse channel 69, a show about psychic medium Mary Occhino.   You can watch full episodes here.  Mary seems like the average, gregarious Long Island mom, she’s attractive, well spoken, no nonsense.  She likes to shop and give on the spot crossover readings to store owners and shoppers, and she seems to be good at it.  Mary is also host of her own call-in radio show “Angels on Call” on Sirius/XM’s Stars 102, which airs Monday-Friday from 7 a.m.-10 a.m. EST.  Mary Knows Best airs Thursdays on Syfy at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Her show also stars her family: brother Charles,  daughter Jacqueline and sons Carl and Christopher. Chris sees himself as a motivational speaker.  He’s got a passion for it, but could use some training in presentation. My initial impression was that he wants to motivate people, but he’s not sure how and he sounds kind of crazed when he talks.  He gets wild eyed and talks fast, high anxiety, like he’s having a panic attack.  He uses a lot of rhetoric (exaggeration, largely empty of clear ideas), which he doesn’t recognize as rhetoric.  He uses some valid and often repeated self-help quotes, but doesn’t always form complete sentences otherwise.  You’re left kind of knowing what he means but he just didn’t know how to say it. He’s got a website at Christopher Corry. He says he wants to get his word out.

I’ve met a lot of people like Christopher.  They don’t correctly judge where they are on the evolution of consciousness ladder.  I know a lot of people who call themselves teachers that could use a bit more schooling.  I know I can always use more schooling.  The people I have learned the most from do not consider themselves teachers.

I remember when I first began metaphysical and spiritual study and began frantically journaling and writing.  I got page after page of handwritten and later typed messages and thought, “This is some big stuff, everyone needs to know this, I must be a messenger from God, I must get the word out.”  You, too?  LOL I know, it’s universal and we think we are the only ones. Then I went through the big internal struggle of I don’t want to be a public speaker but I feel called to do it. That’s universal as well.  It happens to all of us on the path.

For me, one internal struggle led to another then another and the next thing I know I am pages deep in words I think I am am writing for someone else, somewhere down the road.   What I learned is that I was writing it all down for myself.  Even now I come across past writings at an exact time that I could use the reminder, and this is years and decades later.

What I didn’t realize until much later was that “the words” I felt compelled to get out to everyone else, were actually meant for me.  If I got the lesson the words gave, then maybe that was all who needed to get it.  Like when I learned we survive the change called death, that it’s just like going into another room where friends and family are, and we’ll go into that room later, but right now we’re in this room, when I learned that, I lost my fear of death.  That was so freeing that I wanted to talk about it with other people.  I wasn’t trying to teach anyone anything.  I just wanted to share what gave me such an eye opening sense of freedom.

I think we teach best by how we live our life.  Gandhi said “my life is my message”.  That is how I assess people: how do they live their life?  Do they walk their talk?  Do they know what their message is?  Do they know when they are preaching to the choir or throwing pearls before swine?  Are they doing a disservice to potential clientele by calling themselves a teacher before they have anything of value to offer?

I’m not coming down on Chris, he’s just one example, he’s young, he’ll learn.  He’s got the kundalini rising and it’s messing with his psyche and drawing out emotional reactions and he’s not sure how to handle it.  But he’s doing fine, it’s just souls searching.  It happens to everyone on the Path.

Mary Knows Best on Syfy Brighthouse channel 69.   Watch full episodes here.


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