Making a difference in how someone sees the world

Wednesday May 6, 2009.  I got a call the other day from Lia Firmani who purchased several of my cds and she particularly liked the Sleepytime Recharge. She told me that “Listening to it repeatedly helped me a lot and made a big difference in how I see life.  “That’s a breakthrough for me, ” she said.  Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder in a friend’s voice while we’re falling asleep to set our subconscious to work for us.  Some of the suggestions on Sleepytime include: “I no longer worry over events of the past.  Every day begins my life anew and every day is a new beginning. I feel optimistic about my future possibilities.   I find greater satisfaction in my everyday life.  I find fun and interesting ways to spend my time and I have an increasing sense of mission and purpose.

These are just simple phrases.  No magic words there.  But for someone who has had a very challenging life and is just now coming to understand that our thoughts help determine what our future experience will be, thinking these thoughts can be a revelatory and life changing tool.  For someone whose only happy memories are in the past, it’s life altering to suddenly be guided in the direction of finding more meaning and satisfaction in their everyday life.  We all know people like that.

And I know it can be as easy as hearing a fellow diner say “I love salads.  I eat them twice a day” that reminds me how much I love salads and begin to eat them twice a day.  It can be as easy as someone saying “I find happiness in everything around me” for someone else to consider that as a new belief and for it to change their world.

What new thoughts and beliefs do you share with those around you?

What do they walk away feeling filled with?

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