It’s nice to have a pal in the other room when I’m recovering

A friend and writing partner has been spending time here as we work together on various projects, and he’s become a regular fixture in the other room.  I’m someone who is used to — for a dozen years at a stretch – being alone, spending time alone, living alone.  Most friends and family, no matter how beloved, I tend to allow them to distract me from whatever I perceive my purpose to be in the moment, so I seldom have people over.  It’s nice to find a brother on the Path who is equally motivated and dedicated, and who is so easy to share space with. We’ll have the computers side by side sometimes, quietly working on our individual stuff.  I even got to impose upon him to sneak over and feel the kitties last week after a tummy upset confined me to my room.  As I drifted in and out of sleep during the next day, it was comforting hearing him typing or playing music in the other room.  He stopped in a few times to see if I needed anything, brought me fluids and saltines. But he mostly let me know someone was there and cared about my well being.  Kinda cool when that happens.