It’s been a hectic last two weeks

I just got the February Horizons Magazine to the printer Monday so I get to goof off for a day or so.  It felt good to work out at Planet Fitness for an hour for the first time in days, then I went to the Palm Bay Road Walmart and found my new fave World Market Brown Rice and Flax Seed crackers, in several flavors and also picked up some ground turkey for picadillo.  It was an adventure navigating the store since it has a different floor plan than the one on Malabar Road.   I stopped in at electronics and learned a little about iPads, actually it was a customer who was dressed like I was and buying accessories for an iPad which is why I asked her, knowing she was not sales staff.  I’m getting urges to buy an iPad and I don’t even know what one is really.  Anyway, back in grocery they did not carry the Earth Balance dairy spread I use, and I forgot green olives until I was back in the car.  I stopped at Publix on the way home, since I planned to make my low fat Cuban style turkey picadillo for lunch and for me, the green olives are a must.  I know I’ve been stressed when I look forward to washing and chopping vegetables.  I’ll go outside after lunch and begin picking up all the oak and pine deadfall from the last windy week.  Doing that and stacking kindling is a never ending job around here.  While I’m out there, I’ll check out the squirrels since that’s their time to dance and play in the tree canopy.  Now, into my afternoon.  I so dig my life.