It’s been a busy week

It’s been a busy week.  Monday afternoon I got a 24 hour tummy bug which helped me reach my target weight LOL.  After being up for 24 hours, I slept on and off for the next 24.  I had a few days off work since the July Horizons Magazine had just gone to press, so I had time to laze around before it got delivered Friday.  I made my healing asparagus soup and watched 1940’s Joan Crawford and Mickey Rooney movies on Turner Classic Movie channel. I’d been experimenting with food intake this month and I’d lost 11 pounds in the two weeks before the tummy bug.  I learned at exactly what weight my tummy disappears!

By Friday I felt completely back to normal but took it easy with the food intake.  As long as I had no appetite, I’d take the opportunity to just do soups and teas. It felt good to not constantly think about what will I eat next and just take a break from the whole eating/digesting thang.

I got the July magazine Friday morning, and the day was spent doing mailing and delivering.  It was a long day and I came home feeling ready to crash.  I had a 9:00am appointment with a galpal on Saturday but left the cleaning for the next morning.

I woke up early and after my morning yoga and meditation practice, I vacuumed and quickly cleaned the house.  Then I created a nice sitting area for us, where we could sit and have tea as we visited. Since I was hydrating, I was putting real sugar in my tea, something I seldom do.  A pound of sugar lasts me a year or more.  I like the tubinado sugar the best.  We both drank raspberry tea.  I like a squeeze of lemon in mine.

When she left, I went to the post office and Office Depot, then I ran into Melbourne to The Herb Corner and Nature’s Market to drop off magazines.  I stopped by K & C Oriental Market on Aurora for scallions, bean sprouts and Thai (holy) basil.

I labelled and stamped the subscription envelopes and fell asleep in the big puffy chair about sundown. About midnight I woke up and went outside and did my monthly full moon burning bowl ceremony.  I like to follow the full moon as it moves across the sky each month.  It reminds me that things are ever changing and ever moving.

It had been my favorite kind of day.  Filled with lots of things to do, things I wanted to do, with people I wanted to spend time with, and everyone happy and in a good mood all day.  I feet so blessed to be able to attract that!

I have the best life ever.


I have a shift in consciousness about food

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