Is it possible to notice something and keep track of it without “vibing” there?

This is a popular question, since there’s so much misunderstanding about how we attract things into our life.  Even when teachers think they know, they often don’t, and they don’t know that they don’t. A friend read If you focus there, you’ll vibe there  and asked is it possible to notice something and keep track of it without “vibing” there? Yes, you can absolutely notice something and not vibe there. However, if you choose to have repeated thought about it, if you have any emotional charge about it, then keeping track of it attunes you to its signal and it puts you in vibrational resonance with it. We may not erase the problems of the world, but we can remove them from our own experience. We do that by taking our focus off what irks us, and putting our focus on something that makes us have good feeling emotion. The reason to stay focused on good stuff is to attract more good stuff.

So, I’m asked, if I know how to attract things into my experience, if I know how to create my own reality: how come I don’t win the lottery or live in a mansion? Anyone asking those questions has a limited idea of what makes me happy. Or maybe we both do. What keeps me living the life I’m living now is my focused attention on it.  It’s a happy enough life that I don’t feel compelled to make changes or even take a vacation from it.

The reason it’s a happy life is that I keep my attention on the things I want to experience more of. I may notice something here and there that’s not for me, but I move my attention quickly past it, to something I’m looking forward to.

So, is it possible to notice something and keep track of it without “vibing” there?  Nope.  That includes the news, hurricane reports, social injustice, political unrest, everything.  I know it’s all out there, everything, good and bad.  I’ll attract more of what I pay attention to. That doesn’t mean I’ll get murdered if I watch tv crime dramas, that just means I may become more aware of crime. When I’m more aware, the cells of my body are subconsciously on the lookout for more evidence of it. I’ll attract more evidence since I’m seeking it.

When I see the evidence, I’ll feel vindicated. In the example here of seeing evidence of crime, I’ll also feel insecure and afraid. Then I’ll begin to attract more to feel insecure and afraid about, and that can come in all forms. Maybe I’ll attract an assault or an intruder. Maybe I’ll just attract a flat tire or flea infestation, maybe my kids will act out in school, the rent will go up or the least favorite in-law will suddenly move in. Anything can happen within the scope of that “vibe,” since the topic of that vibe is feeling vulnerable and at the mercy of others. That’s why I do what it takes to keep my attention on the adventurous, fun things I want to experience next.  Speaking of which… next!

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