I’m loving what is, yet eager for more

It’s been a whirlwind week and for the first time in years actually feels like a holiday weekend.  Working for myself the past 18 years, I am outside the Monday thru Friday. 9 to 5 schedule.  Late night, weekends and holidays are my busiest times for psychic readings, so it’s easy to lose track of holidays.  Last Monday, I applied to refinance my mortgage and everything fell into place magically.  As of yesterday, I’d already heard from the appraiser and gotten a wind mitigation inpection which will lower my homeowner’s insurance by hundreds of dollars for the next five years. I used Phil White at White House Inspections 321-427-2080 who charged just $100.  Nice guy, it took about 25 minutes and he told me the results before he left.  He emailed me a pdf file of his report, along with the photos, and I’ll email it to my insurance company.  In fact, I am going to use it to shop around for a better homeowner’s rate.  I love modern technology.

I didn’t think, until the day before, that if people were coming to inspect my home, I should probably clean it.  I dusted and vacuumed the floors and wiped down the surfaces.  I sprayed Febreze on the furniture.  I opened the windows and blinds, going for the light and bright look. I tried to see my space through the eyes of the inspectors.  I put things away.  I surprised myself by having enough kitchen cabinet space to hold everything I usually keep on the counters.  Wow, in just a few hours I can really whip through my house and make a big difference in how it looks.  It helps when I keep cleaning spray and cleaning cloths in a drawer in each room to keep up with it.

I thought later how silly I was to think that they would see my house as cluttered.  What do the hoarders do when they need to have someone come to the house?  I saw a few minutes of the tv show Hoarders last night.  I know people who do that and it’s true, sometimes it just gets away from you.  I can understand it with stacks of paper and clothing, but I don’t understand it with garbage.  To me, that’s just unclean.

But we all have our own idea of what clutter is and what garbage is; what is clean, what is unclean, what is worth holding onto and what it’s about time to get rid of.  In younger days, I liked having more “things” around me.  As I hit 40, I began weeding down the furniture, the knickknacks, the clothes and shoes.  Now, the emptier a room is, the more I like it and the happier I am spending time in it.

To me, that’s what’s important: being happy with where I spend my time.  I can’t always get away when I want a change of scenery, but I can always change my perception about where I am and how I’m doing.

The other evening I was getting ready for bed and thought “what guided visualization shall I take myself on to lull me into a good sleep?”  I quickly realized that I could think of nothing more soothing than being exactly where I was.  The bed felt soft and firm and supportive, my pillow was supporting my neck and head just perfectly and the comforter was cushy.  I could smell the jasmine bush outside and the cool air was blowing gently over me.  I was happy, with good things happening.  I could think of no visualization that could top that.

They say when you get happy and satisfied wtih your life as it is, opportunity and change is on the way.

I can hardly wait.  I’m loving what is, yet eager for more.