I watch Obama on The View yesterday, my spidey sense likes him

On Facebook yesterday, I wrote “I enjoyed seeing Obama on The View. I like him and I am hopeful.”  One friend wrote: “Not me,” and another responded “You didn’t see him or you are choosing to not be hopeful?”  I don’t typically watch The View, but I was at someone’s office and they had the tv on in the lobby.  I know there are those who think Obama isn’t doing enough, or that it’s just more of the same, but if they are not hopeful, I kinda don’t care what they say. So far, in my experience, I like what he’s doing and believe he’s fulfilling a higher purpose and I’ve seen zero evidence to the contrary.  Obama is funneling hope into people who have not been hopeful for many years.  When you fill people with hope, their perception of what the possibilities are expands, and that is what attracts a more successful result.  A segment of the population that has hopeful expectation that things can turn around, can balance out the pessimistic mindset of the rest of the population.  As Abraham-Hicks says, It only takes a few with focused, conscious thought, belief and expectation to over-ride the unfocused critical thought of the masses.  I choose to be one of the ones who hopes for the best, prepares for the worst, and encourages my fellow man along the way.  I choose to be one of the ones who celebrates the good in every moment, and who continually looks for evidence of more of the same.  I don’t care what others think and say. I know what I want to find at the end of the rainbow and, unless I let my attention be turned to criticism, I’m headed for a pot of gold.  We all are.  So, which is it for you?  Do you choose to be hopeful and expect the best?

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