I use my gardening as a daily spiritual practice

Gardening is not just a creative pasttime for me.  It also helps in my personal development.  Having a yard that lets me continually change the landscape as I please gives me a big feeling of managing something big in my life, and doing it in accord with Mother Nature.  It helps me feel connected to the Earth and the natural rhythms of the Universe: the seasons, the moon phases, the planetary aspects, all constantly changing.   It helps me feel connected to Whoever or Whatever is out there and, the more connected I feel, the less of a name I need to give it. I see gardening as a daily spiritual practice.

As I learn to be flexible and work harmoniously in the garden, I know I am really not in complete control but that I can learn to surf and dance in the midst of whatever Mother Nature throws at me. This helps me see the corelation with personal situations and relationships as well.  It helps me see what areas I’ve left parched and what needs weeding.  It teaches me the value of planning for the long term.

It teaches me cause and effect, and that seeds scattered carelessly now will grow nonetheless, so be sure I plant seeds only with purpose.  It teaches me I can rebuild after total devastation.  It teaches me that tender new growth can appear in the most unlikely places, at the most unlikely times.  It teaches me to expect change and be delighted about it. It teaches me to love it all, at every stage, because it will continually be changing.

Sitting in the woods at midnight