I miss my sister’s manic phases – and mine

My dad and younger brother were bipolar and I’ve had several friends who were, diagnosed and undiagnosed. My good friend Domino was diagnosed 4 years ago, something I suspected long before she did.  I’ve known her for 30 years, and know her family as well.  Her mom was diagnosed years before.  Like I wrote in Is Bipolar The Root Of Genius? , I find myself missing her manic upswings, her wild ideas, her inspirations and musings.  Her hare-brained schemes.  But while they may have been simply grandiose babblings from a clinically manic state, to my ear they sounded like messages of inspiration.  They sparked ideas which often evolved into projects that earned both of us income.  When I look back, after Domino was first diagnosed as bi-polar several years ago, and think of all the ideas for projects that never materialized, I still can’t see that as being grandiose – one man’s absurd exaggeration is another mans’ actual life.  During the same time frame, I think of all the ideas for projects I have left undone.  It’s about the same, so you can’t blame it on bi-polar.  Part of the fun we have together is chatting about what might be possible to achieve between the two of us.  I don’t think of that as grandiose, I think of it as enthused pre-paving.  So when she’s quiet and mellow, we don’t do that.  I miss it in her and I miss the reaction it brings out in me. So I’ll just have to bring it out of myself and get with friends that bring it out of me.
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