I make poor food choices and I pay the price, it’s not like I don’t know

Wednesday, I bought a package of broccoli slaw and probably ate half of it a few hours before bed. Ugh.  I’m glad I didn’t eat much the whole day if that was gonna be brewing in my tum. Didn’t eat much of course except for the half quart of raw broccoli with mayo, sugar and vinegar and celery salt an hour before bed. Oh, and for the first time in a couple of years I drank an orange soda about noon the same day.  Ok, and the month before i’ve been eating bread or pasta each day and last week splurged on half a dozen packages of Chick O Stick and strawberry candies, and an entire package of goldfish crackers.  I’m sure my pH was whack, ah fermenting at its best.  Thursday  I spent 24 hours purging every 1-2 hours.   Live and learn. I only go on a binge like that a couple of times a year.  The good news is if I can ever get vertical again, wow I’m skinnier now for sure.   I always talk about the healthy things I eat, now time to tell on myself for making poor choices, and reaping the consequences of that.  On the upside: Nice having Nurse JoyBoy taking care bringing me Gatorade and  handling the delivery of the July Horizons Magazine. I’ve never not gotten it out on the day it was delivered, now it has to wait until Monday. More upside: The subscriptions all went out Saturday!