I love it when friends tune in to each other with their spidey sense

Every few years, I run across some that we seem to be real psychic together.  It’s so cool when it’s someone with a similar mission on a parallel path.  Even better when we both know it’s going on and can enjoy the unfolding of it.   My friend JB and I have been doing some meditation together and discussing synchronicities, how it’s all Divinely orchestrated and how everything is connected.  He’s a  singer/songwriter and I downloaded some of his songs onto a cd and have been listening in the car.  I told him I liked a particular song, and asked him to guess which lines of the song were my favorite.  He didn’t want to play, but he took a few moments and then guessed correctly.  It made me wish I’d written it down so he could know he’d intuited correctly.  I’d just told him about the significance of the number 108.  In the song, the lines I really dug come at minute 1:08 as I thought they would.   Later, I tested him again. “A number between 1 and 7, pick one” and he said “Seven.”  “Pick another, ”  I said, and he corrected guessed numbers 7 and 3.   Again I wished I’d written it down before asking him.  He’s a healthy skeptic, which makes it all the better. I’ve only had a handful of these in the past 20 years:   my brother of course, also Frank Maiello, Doug Cobb and Carl Morgan.   I love it when friends can tune into each other with the spidey sense!