How I spent my Sunday

Today began just after daybreak. I awoke wanting to move some ornamental plants and rocks and outdoor furniture from one area of the driveway to another, so I spent an hour doing that.  Now there is seating for six, and a buffer of plants and bamboo fence for privacy from the office window.  I set out the sprinkler on the treeline out front, then cut and cleared a little more of the trail in my west woods.  As it neared 1:00pm, I woke up the sidekick and we made our way to the Cocoa Beach Art Festival with a quick stop at CanFest at the Wickham Pavilion.  The art show was jam packed and I was over the crowd almost as soon as we got there.  CanFest was, as yesterday, very under attended and no music of note happening, so we did a quick lap through and were on our way.    Too lazy to cook, I popped some egg rolls and mini potpie turnovers in the oven and called it dinner.  I was so proud of myself this morning for not craving coffee when I woke up, and yet as dinner cooked I made a pot.  We added sugar and milk, and took it outside to drink as we watched the almost full moon rise.  We live in Paradise!  An awesome day today, beautiful weather, got some walking in, heard a little music, good conversation with good company.  Life is good.  I have no complaints whatsoever.