How did I attract yesterday’s comedy of errors?

Yesterday was one goofy mix up after another.  In the morning, they delivered the September Horizons Magazine. I usually have help getting the mailing portion of the job to the post office, and yesterday my helpers were out of town.  The mailing went from them doing the job for me, to me helping them get the job done, to them helping me do the job, and now we’re down to me doing the whole job.  I can’t complain though, because it’s still a quick task to do, and I appreciate having their workspace to do it in.  This is the first time I missed having my van or SUV, but I managed to fit into my Toyota Prius everything I needed for the post office.  I’d simply have to make a separate trip back to pick up the carful of magazines I usually take.  I got started early and the job went quickly.  I stuffed the singles into envelopes, I stuffed the 5’s, the 10’s, the 25’s, the 50’s.  But wait, instead of stacks of 50, this time they were bundled in stacks of 49.  Which is no big deal, but it did mean I’d have to re-do all the paperwork to show the correct weights.  I did not have my postal scale with me, since it’s always the same weight.  I’d have to take an extra 10 minutes at the post office and refigure all the numbers.  Oh LOL if I only knew that was the least of my concerns.

My car was filled to the brim with mail sacks and crates of magazines.  I backed up to the loading dock at the downtown Melbourne, FL Post Office BMEU (business/bulk mail entry unit) and saw only 2 carts on the dock and each had a few dozen mail trays on them.  I went inside to ask Michael about carts to load my job onto, and he was helping another customer.  He said there were no available carts, and that he likely couldn’t get to my job for another 5 hours, and he couldn’t even promise it today.  He said I could thank all the political mailings for that.  I asked if I could leave my job there and he said not without money, and I said fine.  He said he couldn’t guarantee it’d get done and that Monday would be a better day to bring it in.  I asked what time Monday and he said 9:30am, so I’ll take it back then.  That also gives me time to weigh the packages on my postal scale at home and redo the paperwork to show the correct mailing weight and mailing date.

The only thing is, I was planning on having a car full of magazines and heading north with them by noon, and now that was not going to happen.  Even if I unloaded the 400 lbs of mailsacks in my garage and ran back up to Lake Washington to load the car with the other 2,000 mags, I would have spent 4 hours doing manual work without a/c and would not be in the mood for a 6 hour round trip drive.

I could move it to Monday, right after I took my job in to the post office, but that means moving my Monday appointments to – who knows?  The domino effect begins again!

When I first began writing this post, I entitled it How Did I Attract Today’s Comedy Of Errors? but I don’t really care how.  I won’t spent too much time pondering on how.  I’ll spend my ponder time on what would I like instead?

I’d like everyone’s schedule to fall into place so that the new dates and times mesh perfectly.  I want the mailing to go quickly and easily at the post office Monday morning, Mike said Michelle would be back then also, and it is fun to talk with the two of them as my job is being processed.  I’ll keep my eyes and ears opened for hints as to what my lesson might be in this delay, but it hasn’t really inconvenienced me much just yet.  It did take away a half day of leisure time, but I’m used to that.  That’s one reason I allow myself to goof off so much at work.  So it’s not too much like work.

All in all, the extra work just made me do some extra lifting and carrying and reminded me I was up for it.  It also exercised my creative thinking, so I can stay in practice with that.

I love this life of mine.

Note:  I’d posted this on Facebook and my nationally known astrologer friend Dikki-Jo Mullen wrote:  “So why in the world would you mail on the Friday of a Mercury station retrograde and multiple cardinal afflictions to your Aries Sun?”

I replied: “DJ because I schedule everything a year ahead of time and I never factor that in 🙂

Maybe this’ll teach me to check ahead next time…

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