He says “talk dirty to me” then gets horrified, WWYD?

I wrote on Facebook Monday, “I just got off the phone with Domino who has a new girlfriend. They’ve dated 2 months and last night they finally made whoopie. Domino says to her, “talk dirty to me” and then he’s horrified by what she says. What would you do?”  I got a lot of interesting responses.

HW       hard to tell , but don’t ask for the devil if u can’t handle his fire …
KRK     well very simple..enjoy it. You better be ready when you ask for it.
DWH   Perhaps he feels inadequate?
LAR    What’d she say?

TMN   well, I guess it’s time they had a conversation! Communication is so important. What could she have possibly said that was so horrifying?

RJ    will domino be ok with this being shared like this?  i wouldnt be.

BC     I would slap him so hard, he’d forget his middle name, then tell him to man up.

Me:   That’s one reason it’s important to know how someone defines the words they use. I’m a big fan of euphemism and innuendo as opposed to explicit when it comes to that. If you’ve got boundaries, it’s your responsibility to let ppl know ahead of time.

Me:   Russell, Domino is the name I use to keep a client anonymous.

RJ     ?”Man up” ? “slap”? really ? where am I? that was a joke , right?

Me:   He’s not really prudish and she didn’t say anything too outrageous, but he said he didn’t like those words coming out of her mouth, even in private.

RJ     ok andrea, just read your comment above… thanks..

TMN   @RJ – we have no idea who this is. As Andrea has said “Domino” is a protected name that is used for everyone.

Me:   RJ, this couple doesn’t even have computers.  Part of my job is asking my Facebook friends what they would do in provocative situations and my practice is great fodder for that.

BC     @ RJ – Sarcasm- At least as far as the middle name issue. But really, Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread.  Don’ ask, dont tell.

RJ     i would suggest to him that his experiment revealed a boundary in himself , red light that is designed to guide him, and that its OK to not run red lights… that its ok to be sweet, and its ok to walk away from sordid things, and being a “man ” is knowing oneself…

TMN     be careful what you wish for, you may get it!
RJ       so he found out it wasnt exciting for him… good to know …

Me:   I think it’s like with anything else, we train people how to treat us, right? But we have to speak up if we have rules and boundaries, to save the tripping over them.

MP    This is a funny thing. I had always considered myself “open-minded” when it came to intimate matters. In my travels, I had a few expereinces that became very uncomfortable for me. I handled it very well.  By calmly saying that “hey, if this is what you like, that’s great for you, but it’s not my thing…” Then, I got dressed and ran away… I suppose the moral of the story is to determine EXACTLY what the other person considers to be “interesting”.

TPM       I would Probaly laugh at the fact that after two months said man would not know that I can talk dirty enough to scare a sailor lol

RG         LOL! Why would you ask someone to “talk dirty to you” if you didn’t like dirty talk? I’m confused and hysterical. Love, Domino. UHHH! Checkers.

MP     TPM, in the man’s defence, we’re not that observant..

PLB     I think if you are going to “shocked” when something comes out of anothers mouth then you shouldn’t ask, however now that it has been said I think if they like each other they need to be adult and discuss it, then laugh like hell about it at their anniversary party! Ooops, everybody farts at least once infront of someone by accident. If you like each other move on!

DP      The difference of preference spices up the sexual tension… how else would we get to have GREAT sex?? You gotta find out where you are, and that takes knowing your boundries, and stepping out of your comfort zones.

LC    Oh My Gosh Andrea Your THE BEST fb friend EVER!! I love reading your posts.

DCS    He must be a Gemini. Make up your mind Sybil….