Habitual liars get caught in their own web, it’s the disease

Habitual liars get caught in their own web and come to believe what they say. It’s part of the disease. “Help others be accountable. When people who tend to deceive themselves spend too much time with others who tolerate it, their destructive habits won’t be challenged or corrected. Where lying is causing someone serious damage, it helps to be a particularly truth-conscious friend and lend support as well as a gentle, watchful eye.” The Truth About Lying This article tells why particular lies are told, what it sounds like and how to avoid it. Example: blame shifting can signal difficulty with accepting responsibility for your actions. Maybe you were criticized for making mistakes as a child and so now you’re afraid to own up because of what other people may think of you. Once you realize this is a behavior that can be changed, however, you can start to regain the power you may feel you don’t have.

I’m sure she’s just mistaken and isn’t lying on purpose
The lies are simply hitting the snooze button, not ready for awakening