Good RX: just lazing around having a mindless day

I had a fairly mindless day yesterday; the kind I don’t have very often.  I woke up and did my morning meditation and went for a quick bike ride around the neighborhood before dawn while it was cool.  I love the predawn hours, when everything is quiet and still.  There’s no anger in the air.  Then I went back to bed for a couple of hours.  I got up and made my way into the office to check the To Do List and make sure I wasn’t spacing out on any important tasks.  As usual, I keep quite a list going, but everything could wait.  I quickly pre-sorted my snail mail, checked voice mail and email, opened an Office Depot delivery box and put the items into the supply closet, then walked out of the office for the rest of the day.

I went to the farmer’s market and bought some garlic, onions, carrots and ginger – the staples – and some yellow squash, red peppers and apples.  And two avocados, the small Haas ones that have so much flavor.  Publix has them for $2 each and WalMart has them for 88c.  I bought 3 cases of cans for the kitties, and on a whim chose a new flavor.  Thankfully the kitties both ate it and liked it.  They get so all they want is the Little Friskies Savory Shreds, turkey and cheese flavor.  They wiil eat that for months on end and turn their nose up at anything else.  Kind of like me eating egg drop soup every day for the entire last 30 days.

I took a walk around the property.  In Florida in the summer in the woodsy areas, I’ve learned you don’t just walk outside, so I put on coveralls and my yard boots and hat, and sprayed on sunscreen and insect repellent. I watered my little container garden.  I move it from place to sunny place in the yard so it doesn’t kill the grass beneath it.  I am under so much shade here (heaven!) that I have only one open expanse in the back yard that gets enough full sun to have a lawn.  So that’s where I keep the container garden also.  In it, I have rosemary, sweet basil, bell peppers and stevia which I use in cooking.  The rains have made everything grow quickly, so I took some cuttings and stuck them in the ground at the front of the property, where I have a nice privacy hedge going.

I walked into the front courtyard and uprighted all the small potted plants the raccoons had played dodgeball with last night.  I put out black oil sunflower seeds for the squirrels and fished the umbrella tree leaves out of the bird bath.  I’ve given up on having bird feeders for now, since it is just something else the squirrels turn into a jungle gym.  So the birds have to dine at the same table as the squirrels and they are pretty good at taking turns with it.   Except for the one big bluejay, who swoops in like Rodan no matter who is at the concrete table eating seeds.  Everyone splits when he arrives.

I came in the house and moved some furniture around.  I do that fairly often.  I just was gifted a beautiful rolling table from galpal Beth Head – I love rolling tables – and was moving things around to fit it in.  I made a giant salad of romaine, parsley, tomato, red onion and hearts of palm, into which I tossed some crisp potato chunks and garbanzo beans.  It was such a giant salad that it took me about an hour to eat it. I carried it from room to room with me as I was straightening up, picking more mail and review copies of books up off the floor.  I took it out onto the back porch with me, as I sat and watched the cats lounge around outside.  I thought about what branch I could prune, where I could do some weeding, some planting.

I went inside and turned the tv on and surfed through some channels.  I did the Namaste Yoga and Shimmy belly dancing classes on Fit-TV cable channel 112, and Gilad’s body sculpting.  I figure if I am going to have the tv on, I will make the best use of it.  Friday I strained a muscle in my left forearm, so I have been massaging that and giving it some love. I had some sauteed red pepper and yellow squash for dinner, with egg drop soup (I’m on a kick with the EDS) and that was about my day.  One of those mindless days where I just float around doing whatever comes to mind.

As my buddy Mr. Z would say, I like that kind of carryin’ on.

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