Free Market of Melbourne/Palm Bay is Sunday at Manatee Park downtown

This Sunday April 25th –  The first “Free Market of Melbourne/Palm Bay” is this weekend, this Sunday. The RRFM will be at Holmes Park, often Called Manatee Park, in downtown Melbourne. Let people know it is happening and it will be ongoing. Have them bring stuff, put off the yard sale, get that spring cleaning done. Play an instrument? Bring them. Why? Why not?  Information tables? Of course.  Bring everything but leave your wallet at home.

The more people who do this, the larger and more ubiquitous it seems. That means more folk and more goods and more things changing hands and more people taken care of.  More goods and services and energy circulating.

It’s like a potluck–everyone brings something and leaves with more. We all have skills, ideas, objects, talents, smiles, friendship, excitement, discussions and many other things to share. If we bring them together at the REALLY REALLY FREE MARKET, we can provide more balanced and full lives for all of us.

Bring food, music, clothes, furniture, toys, skills and thrills and anything else you can GIVE, SHARE or BARTER.

Holmes Park, 914 Melbourne Avenue, Melbourne. 1 to 4 pm.

If you can’t make this one, it’s always the last Sunday of every month.

For info, contact “Adam”