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Cell phone self portrait 6-09

Cell phone self portrait

Wednesday June 17, 2009. Yesterday I worked all day long on final layout for the July Horizons. I got myself so wound up that at 2:00am – 21 hours after waking up – I simply made myself put down the proofreading, turn off the lights and lie down.  At 5:00am I was back up – ah, menopause!  So I am going back to bed for a few hours before I begin my day.  In the meantime, I’ll share the goofy posts I made to my Facebook page yesterday.  I find I make the most Facebook posts on my busiest days.  Usually when I am rebooting the main computer, and I turn to the laptop behind me for a short break.  One of those breaks that is more just a quick mental refreshment, since I can’t actually leave the computer for a few minutes right then.  So while it looks like I goofed off all day – according to my Facebook posts every few hours – I really had a busy, productive 18 hour workday.

Here are my posts.  Remember, on Facebook, each line is preceeded by my name and a small headshot pic of me:

just printed out 22 pages with blue text AFTER my printer told me 50 pages ago that I was out of cyan ink. Don’t believe the printer error messages! It’s a conspiracy to sell ink!

I posted a photo of my Maine Coon cat entitled: Izzy helping me answer emails

I posted a 30 second video of my girl kitty entitled: YinYang is real talky in the mornings also

I posted a short video of my boy kitty entitled: Izzy talks a lot in the morning. Wait, Izzy talks a lot all the time.

Andrea completed the quiz “What famous artist are you most like?” with the result Georgia O’Keefe.

Andrea completed the quiz “What Egyptian god are you?” with the result Horus.

has had egg drop soup with Ramen noodles 4 times in the past 2 days. Don’t tell my brother, he thinks I always eat healthy.

to the uninitiated, Ramen noodles have 380 calories and 14 grams of fat per package. All calories and fat are in the noodles, not the seasoning packet. Just a heads up. They are my secret, processed-food weakness.  Note: I’m not advocating eating them, until last month I hadn’t had them for 10+ years

Friends ask me what I mean when I say I don’t eat much processed food.
Processed = anything with a label.
Broccoli, produce = no label.
Bread, pasta = label = processed.
Fruit, carcass, no label.
Frozen or packaged meals, chips, cookies = label = processed.
Pastries, bagels, cakes, candies = label = processed.
Deepak Chopra says eat nothing with a face or a label. 
I do eat some bread and pasta

Jeez, I live less than 3 miles from Brevard Community College. I should take a class.

Girl kitty YinYang has a new theme song: To the tune of “Lollipop, Lollipop” it’s “Butterball, Butterball, my little Butterball”

had a lucky “4 outa” weekend. I got 4 out of 5 in Friday night’s Fantasy 5 and 4 out of 5 in Saturday’s lotto. I’m in the vibe!

Andrea took the Which color is your aura? quiz and the result is blue

Andrea took the What are you born to do? quiz and the result is money makerWTF?

Andrea took the Palm Reading quiz and got the result: Wealthy and prosperous life.

my poor kitties. Now when I go into the kitchen, they get excited for nothing. singing “Memories…… of the carcass in my dish…..” (I used to cook meat every day, now I seldom eat it))

3:43 heart chakra time (heart = 4th chakra: 3 above, 3 below)

just finished mowing the lawn

needs to stop taking these dumb, misspelled quizzes and get back to work. I’m Georgia O’Keefe, I’m Horus, but right now I’m just Andrea procrastinating as usual

I thought everyone knew this: Watch out for any quiz that says “friends have challenged you” or “tagged” you — if you give out your phone number, they will charge to your cell phone when they spam you.

### end of Facebook posts.  That last one really got a rise out of several “friends”.

One of my Facebook friends is a frequent commenter, and he’s one of those conspiracy theorists, so many of his posts are caveats about all the things Big Brother is up to.  I am not saying Big Brother doesn’t have us all under 24 hour surveillance, I’m just saying it’s not an issue with me.  For one, I’m not doing anything the government might care about, and two, I’m in charge of what I attract to myself by virtue of the thoughts I think, the expectations I have, and my ability to release resistance.

So I don’t get riled up in discussion over things like what the government is or isn’t doing. I sure don’t watch the news.  I just stay focused on what I want to do and where I want to go, and somehow, I always end up being led through the maze to where I want to be.

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