Eliminating the knuckleheads from your life every quarter

Over the holiday weekend, Facebook friend Will Roadhouse said he was taking this 4th to do a little “house cleaning,” by dropping individuals I feel are a waste of time. One should consider doing this a couple times a year…I do it 4 -5 times:) It eliminates distractions and the F’ups that do not have a positive influence in one’s personal and professional life. He later wrote: I’ve received quite a few emails wondering if I had a bad day? FYI…I don’t have “bad days,” partly because I drop any “knuckle-head” in my personal and professional life. These are individuals that are: arrogant, selfish, rude people that “consistently” make one bad decision after another. I cannot respect anyone who does not show the same respect to themselves or to others. I learned a tough lesson many years ago…these negative influences, over time, can change you! Before you know it, your telling yourself, “this isn’t me???” Those who know me well, know I have ZERO drama in my life, and “professionally” I surround my company with great business partners/clients that are honorable. If you hangout with a bunch of “arrogant dumb-asses,” I will put you in the same category and you will be dropped. I do this every quarter because sometimes it takes 3 months to see someone’s true colors. Many good people rely on me, this ensures I’m focused and happy!

I knew exactly what Will meant and wrote:  Will, I am the same and it is not popular, but I am the happiest person I know and it’s because I know when I’m focused and happy, that makes life good for those around me too.

Will:  You are absolutely right! Many people frequently ask me, “why are you so happy” or “how do you stay so positive.” I tell them, “…it’s really quite simple, I surround myself with good people, and if I can’t find any…I’m quite happy as a loner.” Too many people will sacrifice being with “idiots” because they can’t stand being alone…pretty sad 🙁

But Andrea, I can’t just drop my boss or my coworkers or my husband or my in-laws or my neighbors. Well, actually, yes you can, but I understand your dilemma.  Your solution is to either get away from them, or else get ok with them.  Sometimes all it takes is a small change in perception to see another facet of someone, and begin to attract a different response from them.

But then again there are those people in your circle who are not focused, who are not motivated, who waste everyone’s time with their disorganization, and who do not add to the progress of the plan, the project or the job.  They can do this by focusing on personal matters at work, or by simply not doing their job in a team player kind of way.  They make decisions based on ego centered personal motives, rather than what works best for the job.  They simply don’t pay attention or make everything into a drama.

What about when these people are your friends, do you cut them slack or do you cut them off?  That depends on what your priority is.  You’re the only one who knows what someone adds to your life.  I have friends I love and love to hear from via mail a few times a year to keep up, but frankly it’s not fun being around them and I would never work with them.  If they were a Facebook friend, they would simply not be on my Newsfeed, I’d go to their Wall to see their updates.

My priority is to have a happy life, to enjoy good friends, to be well thought of, to make a good living doing what I love to do.  I agree with Will’s idea to eliminate the knuckleheads from your life on a regular basis.

It leaves room for those people who are motivated, fun, and creative and it goes a long way in ensuring you never have a bad day.

Vibrational match!

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