Downsizing my bed and re-routing neural pathways

Off and off the the past year I’ve considered downsizing from my beloved  Simmons Beautyrest Marquee king to a full size bed.  My thought is that a double bed will free up enough space to give me an expanded sewing corner.  The king bed was fine when I was sharing it with kitties and paperwork, but now it’s just big and bulky.  As often as I move the furniture around at my place, I’d prefer the extra space.

I thought about buying twin beds and having them in the corner like a sectional couch, then I could have pals stay over and we could separate them.  Or for those future wild nights when I might want to push them together.  Hmmm… I guess I need to think this through since, whatever I do,  I’ll be pre-paving my future experience.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the furniture arranging.  It’s re-routing my neural pathways.  Now I need to give some thought as to where I’d like to guide these pathways toward.  I’m thinking a double/full bed, my original thought.  I’ve got the futon in the living room for friends.  I no longer have a houseful of meditation retreatants on weekends.

That’s another thing: when making furniture placement decisions, I no longer have to factor in accomodating seating for a dozen since I no longer hold classes here.  I’m so used to through the years having a dozen chairs on hand, a dozen floor pillows and several small tables with chairs set up.  The last 15 years I’ve slowly eased up on my schedule and realize I like having to factor in only me.  No one else.  Only me.

As I ponder that thought, I realize the possibilities are staggering.


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