Bump in the night, unseen help, invisible counselors

CasperMy house is a real talker. I’ve only recently become aware of it. Twice a friend mentioned he heard me in my office when I was at the other end of the house.  Well, I live under an oak tree canopy, so the branches make sounds in the wind as they touch the house, and there are always squirrels running across the roof. It could be a dead branch falling, birds dropping acorns.  But just now I heard it. Sitting in the living room, I heard a sound coming from the office, as if someone moving around in there. Scary? Nah, I’m pretty excited. Maybe it’s my doppelganger or etheric double.  If they’re anything like me, they are workaholics and will jump into work anytime they feel restless. That means I could be getting some unseen help around here! I’m all for that. Want to know my story about getting unseen help?  Check out the free download of my Invisible Counselors Workbook – on page 96 through 107 I tell my experience with my own sessions.