Be in the Now or enjoy it later and ever after?

I videotaped a performance last night and since I was hand holding the camera, I paid much attention to the composition. My focus was keeping everyone in the frame and keeping the camera level and steady.  Not easy to do when music is playing and my body wants to move with it.  It was a bit of a yoga to keep my body still but I’d given myself the job to tape the gig.  Sometimes it’s a hard choice between attending something and throwing myself into the Now, or taking notes or video or photos to enjoy later and to share.   I think everyone should have photos and video of themselves in creative action, so I’m always glad to take them for friends.  So it’s most often after the gig, when I’m home reviewing the videos, that I can enjoy the performance. It’s always been that way with speakers as well.  Do I sit and just listen and take in their message, or do I take notes and interview for my reader?  I decided that one several years ago and wrote about it here Shall I experience this experience or record it to share with others?  Ah, I should learn to do both!