August Horizons now online, here are the horoscopes

August 2021

The August mag is now online at August 2021 Horizons and here are the horoscopes.

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)

There is room for to luck, dear Aries. If you want to create a project or if you want to change your life the planets give you incredible possibilities. No rush, take time for reflection but there are no difficulties to foresee. Your close entourage supports all your efforts. Family is your pillar, you show them all your affection. You are happy with your loved ones, nothing can change that, you enjoy their company, in return you receive a good dose of comfort. It is also the month of confidences. A rich emotional life at the end of the summer, friends around you, the presence of your partner, you lack absolutely nothing. The stars offer you romanticism and loyal friendships. Summer ends with great pomp, offers of engagement and commitment … Life is beautiful for our Aries friends.

Aries: During the first two weeks the sky for your loves is transparent. You are full of new ideas. In a relationship or single your energy is overflowing. We can’t imagine you not capable of such resources. You are living the moment, a bright future awaits you. Your priorities are targeted, your loves are light and airy.

Aries: Together you join forces, nothing is more important than your relationship. You shout loudly to whoever wants to hear it that you are happy. On vacation or not you find fulfilling and rewarding activities. Some coo at the end of the world.

Aries: You find your smile partly thanks to someone special, it has a powerful effect on you. You take great care to show yourself in your best light. On the program is seduction and charm, everything seems to work as you wish. The summer period brings a stunning renewal.

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19)

Before disruptions disturb your habits, you have a little time. If, within your relationship, adjustments are necessary it is to fortify the bond. Solidarity, determination and will, are part of a busy schedule. Some small slip ups due to lack of involvement are to be expected. If your modesty is lacking, try to rectify your aim. It is finally the moment for confessions, you decide to communicate on the little details that are spoiling your life. You are listened to, supported, everything is relatively clear around you. You are well aware that the objectives that you set for yourself will inevitably have repercussions. Nevertheless, your optimism gives you the energy to finalize either a project or to find new ideas. When it comes to your loves you are doing well, however, you still have some effort to make, but nothing is lost.

Taurus: It is only from the third week that the sky darkens. A few clouds emerge shading your loves, nothing very bad just small questioning and adjustments. No need to make a big deal.

Taurus: The first days of the month hold the first beautiful prospects for couples. Commitment, projects and your state of mind says a lot about your motivations. You see much further than the tip of your nose. Your partner follows the pace and you forget their little fits of jealousy.

Taurus: Interesting meetings bring you joy. You optimize your relationship by going to others, you seek contact. This month your chances of finding your soulmate are multiplied tenfold. Passion is at the rendezvous, you do not deprive yourself of anything.

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19)

It turns out that this month the planets have decided to surprise you. If you had some doubts, they very quickly disappear. Opt for positivity, all chances are on your side. By visiting certain people, you open their eyes to their expectations and the feelings they give you. An astral sky that says a lot about your desires of the moment. It’s summer, you enjoy all the opportunities that come your way. For some of you the second part of the month announces decision making, for others it is the sweetness of living. Ideally you expect evidence from the person you love but do not have too many requirements, you are already very spoiled. Leave the emotional mess in the closet, focus only on the future. Throughout this period, love accompanies you.

Gemini: Dear Gemini, this month you should know your moment of glory. What is waiting for you in love is pretty incredible. The stars bring you to the front of the stage. Seduction, passion, intoxicating relationships, you are caught in a swirling love.

Gemini: Make room for the party, when it comes to surprises your partner puts their whole heart into the effort. We put out a big spread with tenderness and passion, your relationship is growing in power, feelings are overflowing. You are happy together.

Gemini: A beautiful period awaits those who are single, indeed, your great motivation supports your search in love. You benefit from a providential help, you are at a turning point in your life, it is all modest enough to enjoy it.

Cancer – (June 20 – July 21)

Dear Cancer, you have daring, the situations come one after another but they are not alike. A nice cruising speed is coming. Your desires become orders, you use strategies to advance and evolve your emotional life, and it works well. Planetary influences propel you into a situation that you do not yet master to perfection. In love, complicity but also passion and recognition enlivens your summer days, and no one complains. The summer has started terribly well for you, it will come to a good end as well. No stress and little pressure, you live moments of great tranquility. Couples form while others make long-term plans.

Cancer: Some constraints come to taint this beautiful month of August, unless you decide to close your eyes and plug your ears. All in all you have a good time, couples are enjoying invigorating moments while singles fall in love, their hearts pounding. The intentions are positive, you lead the projects as you wish.

Cancer: Are you exploring several lines of thought, is it due to a recent questioning? However throughout the month your intentions are your best guide. The stars give you the opportunity to see your future with a new eye, and this does not displease you.

Cancer: What is waiting for you in love is a realization. On that note, prepare for significant changes. You do not go unnoticed, you do not have much effort to make, naturally your charm operates. Dear singles, Jupiter is the only master on board, it signals your rebirth.

Leo – (July 22 – August 21)

Whether in friendship or in love, this month, you bring out the big game! Your conquering state of mind is your strength. Even if the planets try to dissuade you, you fight several fights at once, you only listen to yourself and yourself alone. No question of letting yourself be blinded by beautiful promises. Why not share your ideas rather than keep them for yourself. From the third week your projects are successful, the bonds are tightening, you are in tune with others. Some people manage to touch you, you are told that you have a heart that falls in love easily. Even a lack of action is no big deal, everything will come in its own time. By letting the events go at their own pace, you will have the chance to enter your home, quietly, without making any noise.

Leo: Your partner makes big decisions, needs change or a heavy routine, anyway, you agree with their choices. Family events could upset the calendar, you will change your plans by obligation. Your loved ones may be angry because of your uncontrolled impulsivity. Learn to moderate your actions by adopting a calmer behavior.

Leo: As long as your partner is patient, everything goes well. Stay reasonable, act with moderation, we can not carry out all your whims. Saturn works and curbs your expansive nature. You are not at the end of your troubles but you are on the right path. A happiness for two is built.

Leo: This month there are guaranteed emotions for those who are single. Do not fight, you lose time. Abandon your big shell by the roadside, it will allow you to renew bonds of trust. You could live beautiful moments of complicity, love is present. You make beautiful encounters.

Virgo – (Aug 22 – Sept 21)

You are radiant: most situations are going your way, you are supported, and you are brimming with projects. Unhoped-for changes in your life may occur. Uranus is doing you good, as well as Pluto, who is completing the metamorphosis of some of your lives. Venus leaves your sign on the 16th, but the Sun will illuminate your days a few days later and enhance your personality. Your projects are concrete and realistic. You can easily calculate the cost of your initiatives in time, money, and personal investment. Neptune keeps you dreamy and romantic.

Count on Venus to exalt your charisma and your power of seduction. Present in your sign until the 16th, the delightful planet will highlight your assets and underline your charm. You will have all the assets to win back your partner, bring him/her into your life, or make a decisive encounter in the emotional sector. From the 16th, Venus moves into Libra and increases your appetite for good food and sensuality. Even if the climate is relatively sober and reserved, you have no trouble enjoying all the pleasures of life.

Your finances are not causing you any particular worries. You could have some pleasant surprises from the 16th onwards: Venus brings good luck, an ounce of prosperity and popularity which helps with promotions, developments, both in your private and professional life. If you have the cash to invest, the best deals will be made in real estate and ecology. If you resist certain impulses towards expensive purchases, certain luxury items, you should not encounter any cash flow problems.

Changes are possible at work, but they will usually be in the direction of a better position, a more rewarding job, or a well-deserved promotion. You are not afraid of responsibility and are building an increasingly solid career. From the 22nd, the Sun enters your sign. It highlights your talents and skills, which should remove any blockage or obstacle in your activities. Keep your calm, don’t give in to nervous tension, you will avoid unnecessary headaches, and you will gain a lot of credibilities.

It’s almost back to school, and you’re getting back into a healthy lifestyle. Naturally, physical activities are the most recommended. After a good walk, a bike ride, a bit of yoga or swimming, you can treat yourself to a restaurant or a trip to the delicatessen. Conviviality is slowly returning, and you intend to enjoy it without paying the price in extra pounds. From the 16th onwards, group activities are encouraged, whether it’s a dinner with friends or board games, in an atmosphere full of collaboration and a zest for life.

Libra – (Sept 22 – Oct 21)

Summer continues under good astral influences. Luck offers you the opportunity to make beautiful encounters, the pretty proposals multiply. You bet on your seduction potential. From the beginning of the month, your charm operates, operation conquest is running, you burn with impatience. Why not let your relationship evolve without wanting to anticipate and rush things. This month, dear Venus controls your emotions, suddenly, lightness and well-being overwhelm you. Allow yourself moments of relaxation and reflection, a small step back is profitable. During the second week time becomes your friend, it may accelerate, your loves fly and you take off to new horizons. If you have priorities for your projects to be realized it is high time to deepen certain situations.

Libra: Your exchanges will be full of sweetness. Learning to love without dependence on others becomes a challenge. New links are being woven, new projects are coming to fruition. You advance without making any noise, seeming more sure of yourself. Your convictions have changed, you are more free. Your mistakes of the past serve you, you get a lesson in life.

Libra: As a couple, you make life plans, new homes, etc. You aim to improve your living environment, everything is simple and without pitfalls. Your partner follows the movement, hand in hand your decisions are common, they trust you completely.

Libra: Cause luck instead of waiting for her to come to you. During the month the stars send you a challenge. If you are still hesitating before returning to your former spouse it is because you are not yet ready to seize the opportunity, your doubts are always present.

Scorpio – (Oct 22 – Nov 20)

It’s an adventure, the planets widen your field of vision and everything becomes clearer. You have the necessary perspective to understand and act according to your own interests. Gradually you manage to free yourself from your shackles, you shine, yet it was not won. Success is at the end, the summer ends in beauty. Your popularity is skyrocketing, emotional bonds are tightening, you make good friends, they will evolve over time. Proposals, projects, everything progresses at the speed of light, the month of August seems productive. You can achieve feats, just want it. We admire you, we solicit you, you talk about love, feelings are deep, the more you trust, the more others are demonstrative with you. Friendly relationships are intense and constructive. The choice of love is obvious.

Scorpio: If at the beginning of the month emotions are on edge, a return to calm is expected quickly. By deciding to stop hiding things you address the real emotional issues, a good progression is expected. Whether to engage in a dialogue or to find communication, the stars transmit strength and courage to you.

Scorpio: The love you show your partner gives you balm for the heart because you are struggling to finalize an unsuccessful project but you are motivated. The need to love and to feel loved is translated by small romantic gestures, it is perfect for your other half.

Scorpio: You test your power of seduction, you are irresistible, you play to capture attention and then you succumb yourself, it’s called love at first sight. Will the story be prolonged after the summer? This period is conducive to love stories but also to love stability. You have all the chances.

Sagittarius – (Nov 21– Dec 20)

The beginning of month starts a little shy but then very quickly the beautiful clearings reappear. A little patience and some effort before you can fully enjoy the positive influences. Then without you having to lift a finger successes come one after the other. You will prefer written commitments to promises in the air. Your allies are less numerous but they are around you, you have real friends. You are in the spotlight thanks to a great determination. You work for peace and serenity in your relationships, very quickly you understand that you are making the right choice. When it comes to making big decisions in love, your idealistic side is infallible. Happiness remains within your reach.

Sagittarius: If you decide to trust at random, soon enough you discover that you are right. No matter the emotional situation in which you are, things move forward and evolve very serenely. In mid-month, thrills are expected. You are trusted, you take advantage of it to confide in yourself or to communicate about your interests.

Sagittarius: As a couple everyone is working to change the relationship. A new organization for your future, between you there is a real complicity. To avoid the routine you forget the small annoyances and you pamper your partner. You make new room for change and a little freshness in your daily life does no harm to anyone.

Sagittarius: If you dream of meeting your soulmate, it will be done around August 18th. Indeed, under the good actions of the stars you are propelled towards new horizons in love. Take the opportunity to see the world, to go out and to have fun. Avoid going around in circles.

Capricorn – (Dec 21 – Jan 19)

You have success and it will last. A clear astral sky, generous planets, there is enough to do. Summer ends as it started, except that from the last week your nerves tease you. In the middle of the month, you do not let yourself be destabilized by astral influences. If some obstacles stand in front of you, thanks to a good energy and a good will you avoid big difficulties. Lovingly speaking the climate as a whole remains serene. Enjoy it before a much more hectic period next month. Why not ask yourself about your future life? Make a point on your own desires, speak with your entourage, assume your choices and your decisions.

Capricorn: Between you and your close entourage some tensions appear, they are not insurmountable. To bring serenity back into your relationships, adjustments and tweaks are possible. To convince the people concerned you just have to find the right words.

Capricorn: As a couple you find solutions, the exchanges are constructive, any risk of big conflicts is discarded. It is said that you are susceptible, why not prove that they are just rumors. The beneficial actions of the stars will allow you to regain emotional security. Do not demand too much of your partner.

Capricorn: Before you believe that love is not for you, trust the luck factor. Target your emotions. Show yourself as you are without trying to be perfect. Live the moment without thinking of the next day. Love at first sight is expected in the second half of the month.

Aquarius – (Jan 20 – Feb 17)

The planets accompany you throughout the month, meetings are beautiful and energizing, you are energetic. Some approaches take you on the road to success, you are supported by your entourage whatever the circumstances. Your projects materialize, your exchanges are productive, you are on a small cloud. Foresight and caution, you anticipate the hard knocks. You learn from your past experiences, so you’re making big strides. When it comes to matters of the heart, there is fantasy, when it comes to brightening your relationships, planetary influences leave you carte blanche, you’re doing very well. This is a good time if you want to enjoy family fun. In terms of feelings surprises are confusing.

Aquarius: You prefer action to passivity, it’s your right. You do not waste your time waiting to be served on a silver platter you act on your own. Without being impulsive you are spontaneous and everything becomes easier. Before you rush you double check if the game is worth it.

Aquarius: If with your partner you dream of novelty and sharing, you are rewarded. Small adjustments to clarify a situation disturb the beginning of the month, little by little a nice balance is back. Together you seem more united than ever.

Aquarius: Attention love at first sight is in sight! This month those who are single face a big upheaval. If passion makes you lose your mind it is because you have decided it, otherwise you think too much to embark on a love affair without further action. You are a decision maker.

Pisces – (Feb 18 – March 18)

Bold projects and original ideas, the stars grant your wishes. Your energy is creative, your ideas are excellent. A bit shy, at times you have trouble going to others. This month, you put your shyness in the closet, you finally decide to assert yourself, it’s great news, you make good resolutions. The planets give you the guts to seduce, your love life is transformed, you are delighted. Curious by nature, you go straight to where your feelings lead you, your close entourage is amazed by your change of attitude but especially by your determination. You have every chance to succeed where you have already failed. With your intuitions miracles happen.

Pisces: Bet on audacity, you will see that it works rather well. This summer period is idyllic to concretize all your projects. Relationships become official, you create stable and solid bases, there is no one more lucky than you. Watch out for those who are jealous around you. Stay on your guard, unfortunately everyone is not as happy as you.

Pisces: To avoid all tensions you go in the direction of your partner by giving them reason, except that this month you are safe from conflicts in love. If projects are delayed be patient, there is nothing to panic about. You take advantage of a situation and it suits you well.

Pisces: A promising end of the summer for those who are single. You go out, we invite you, you do not have time to get bored. You enjoy a great influence to make new acquaintances. Around August 13th, one meeting will stand out from the others. You could formalize it very soon!