An Overlook Park Anniversary Luncheon I “Happened Onto”

Deja vu all over again! What would turn out to be a blessed weekend began auspiciously.  I’d just dropped off the June Horizons Magazine to Community Center For Healing Arts in Melbourne about noon. A half block away is the City of Melbourne’s Overlook Park, where I married two friends of mine back in the 90’s.  As I glanced from Riverview Drive, I saw two people in the gazebo. Usually I’d not pull in, I’d give them privacy, but I felt compelled to park and walk right up.  There were Patti and Don, the couple I’d married in that spot, 21 years ago that day, having their anniversary lunch. Since I’d lost weight and let my hair grow since they’d seen me last, and is HAS been years, as I walked up, I said “Hi, it’s Andrea, how are you guys doing?”  They looked at each other and laughed. “We were just talking about you,” he said.  We spent a few minutes catching up and then I left them to their celebration.  It was a fun beginning to what would turn out to be a weekend of magical synchronicities, at play with the cosmic forces of the Universe.  I can think of no better playmate.