American Weed

I just discovered NatGeo Ch. 45 series American Weed about the medical marijuana dispensaries in Fort Collins, CO. It follows a family of 5 brothers who have a growing and dispensary business and they talk a lot about how tightly the operation is regulated. Then there’s the former mayor who’s actively trying to close all the dispensaries “so the town doesn’t go to pot.” He goes on local radio giving false statistics about crime because he doesn’t understand the laws and regulations and real benefit of it. I agree probably a ton of people get on it for recreation, but go for tighter regulation to see who it’s prescribed for, rather than deny convenience to it for the terminal and seriously ill who depend on it now that pills have ruined their livers, etc.  I wrote about it here  On Legalizing Marijuana Wanting repeal of prohibition isn’t just about getting high.  Cannabis is a natural medical treatment.  Many friends suffering from chronic pain, from cancer, MS, rheumatoid arthritis and mood swings of bi-polar could not tolerate mainstream medications.  Marijuana helped them to manage their symptoms and to ease the anxiety of having a terminal condition. It is a miracle plant put here by a loving Creator, for a reason. 

And the ban was passed.  Fort Collins Passes Question 300, Bans Medical Marijuana Dispensaries   One of the few measures that passed on election night was Fort Collins’ Question300.  “20 other businesses will close doors… forty pieces of commercial real estate will probably default. Two-hundred plus people will have no jobs and all medical marijuana needs will be taken care of by a gray-to-black market.”  It’s not just about getting high, it’s serious medicine for terminal patients

A Facebook friend wrote: “and  it is very effective in treating MS and Parkinsons as well, without the side effects of traditional treatment. Also effective at reducing tumor size in cancer. A valuable medicine. The synergistic effects of the whole plant are an important aspect that is lost when the “active ” ingredient is isolated, and many who use marinol say it is too powerful in that form, with the plant they can control the dose better so they can function normally. ”

I’ve heard that about marinol as well.  Ah, we’ll wise up yet.