A dollar script visualization to increase your dollars

A friend asked my process for a dollar script visualization.  One thing I find most helpful is envisioning checking my email and seeing a long row of Paypal purchase notifications, since I take Paypal.  I feel myself getting giddy with joy that I have so many of them!

I envision myself checking my bank balance online and seeing the balance growing and growing, even as I watch it.   I feel myself getting giddy with joy over that.

As I drive, I imagine I am dancing and skipping on the sidewalk and, for every mailbox I see along the road, I envision opening the mailbox and pulling out a check with my name on it.  I feel myself getting all excited and I happily dance and skip to the next mailbox and this check is double what the last one was!  And the next is double still!

I will tell you, when I first began this visualization, I envisioned cash money in the mailbox.  Then my human brain wondered if I should be taking cash from other people’s mailboxes… So I changed it to checks in my name.

Want to know how I knew it was working?  I never, never get paid in cash, yet when doing the first visualization, clients began paying me in cash.  When I changed my visualization to checks made out to me, suddenly clients who had for years made all checks payable to Horizons Magazine began writing them to me personally.  I hadn’t been specific enough.  When I again changed he visualization, to have the checks payable to Horizons, then clients went back to writing checks to Horizons.

My fave tho are the visualizations seeing the Paypal and Wachovia online balances double and triple and me getting giddy about it.

OH P.S.  Doncha’ love the heat and humidity we’ve got right now?  That means the oversaturated ground is evaporating all the excess water, so when the next storm comes along, our yards will soak it right up and we won’t get flooded out.

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