A day in the vortex, in the flow of well being and synchronicity

Yesterday I did my monthly drive to Ocala to bring magazines to Catherine Wendell from Ocala Ghost Walks. Cat makes sure everyone in the Ocala area gets Horizons and we get to catch up in person with what we’ve been doing the past month.  I left the house half an hour later than I meant to and 15 minutes north I realized I did not have my Ocala file with me.  The one with the maps and the piece of paper that had the magazine stack count on it – how many magazines I would be giving to each person I saw that day.  Drat.  But I did have my hard drive with me.  Cat reminded me there was a Staples store right next to Mother Earth Market, where we meet.  I took my hard drive into their copy center and they opened the file and printed my list out.

I’d spent a few moments, when I discovered I did not have the list, weighing whether I could wing it without it.  I’ve done that in the past and ended up keeping a few extra stacks of magazines that someone else could have used.   I quickly realized that thinking in that direction was not going to bring me a solution, so I changed track.  Why I just blogged the other day about having faith that things always turn out better than I imagined.

So I continued north and knew I would figure it out before I got there.  It’s a 2.5 hour drive.  I began making my list from scratch.  The big missing component was I did not know the amount of my overrun and the overrun amount I like to give to Cat for Ocala.  Was it one stack of 50? Was it 5 stacks?  I’d written the amount on my list at the time of counting and forgot about it.  That’s the thing I love about lists.  If I make them then I never have to remember anything.

That was when I remembered I had my hard drive with me and the list was on there.  Now to find someone with a pc with Microsoft Word on it.  Then Cat hooked me up with the Staples copy center.  Dilemma resolved, as I knew it would be.  I didn’t know how it would be, but I knew I was in the flow, and when I’m in the flow, life is a synchronistic dance.

So, copy made, I give Cat the December magazines and we chat awhile, then I notice the Beall’s Outlet right across the shopping center.  I went in and found 4 tops I liked and another pair of the perfect fitting jeans I bought the other day.  So I now had 5 pairs of them.  I sometimes like to wear the same thing every day for weeks and when I have several pairs to swap out, I can do that.  So my shopping trip was a SCORE!  I was definitely in the right place at the right time on my recent shopping trips.  Which is good, since I don’t like to clothes shop and only go every several years.  More synchronicity.

On the drive out of Ocala toward Cassadaga, I tried to remember which roads to take, since the maps were at home in the Ocala file on the counter.  I knew it was Hwy 40 east to Hwy 19 south, but I take the back roads in and usually follow the maps to know which street name to turn on.  But I knew that locked away in my subconscious, I would recognize everywhere I had to turn.  I knew when I got to the Now Moment of having to make a decision, I would get the guidance what to do.  I’d have no doubt.

That was my story anyway, and it worked.  It’s good to remember that whatever story we’re telling on a regular basis is going to become our reality.  But I mostly knew that I was in the vortex and that if I just went with the flow, it would work itself out.

Halfway to Cassadaga, I drive through DeLand and pass, as I do every month, the Driver License office on my right.  I thought, I’m in the vortex.  My driver’s license is dated 1992.  I bet this will be a quick renewal.  Fourteen minutes and $48 later, I walk out with my new driver’s license.  And I get to Cassadaga on time.  I’m in the vortex.

I had a great visit with friends in Cassadaga, and even caught Albert Bowes reading his mail on the park bench.  I had a relaxing drive home and, an hour away, took a call from a client and was on the phone (hands free!) almost half an hour.  During that time I let my focus be on her situation and meanwhile, had driven right into construction and drive time traffic.  I knew I’d let myself slip out of the vortex.  I even had to call and reschedule meeting with galpal Theresa Hudson (a/k/a Tigger).  More synchronicity.  I did that.  I let my focus be taken in another direction, even when I knew that direction would take me out of the vortex.

Good question.  Most often it is when listening to friends who want to tell me their story.  And while I usually feel free to cut off a friend and remind them of the importance of changing their focus or tell their story elsewhere, I cannot cut off everyone.  I cannot cut off my 86 year old aunt and tell her just get in the vortex.  NO, I do not need to listen to her story and let it bring me down. But while the listening may be mandatory, the perception that it has to bring me down is an option I don’t chose.

I feel honored when she tells her stories to me, her stories of how she sees her world.  I know she has a pattern of thought and speech that shows her attention to critical detail, and that’s how her generation was brought up and it wasn’t easy for them and it’s all they know.  So I don’t need to counsel her or reframe her past for her, I just need to be there to listen to her, and witness her life.

If I allow myself to be pulled out of the vortex as a result of that, it’s my fault.  I’m in charge of where I let my thoughts lead me.  They either lead me in or out of the vortex.  It’s as simple as that.

And I’m selfish enuff to choose IN every chance I get


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