Monthly Archives: October 2017

Facebook goes down

The theme for the last month (year?) has been a lot of anxiety in the air, a lot of people feeling unloved, overwhelmed, frustrated with not being able to move ahead, with having to do it all themselves. A giant feeling of being disconnected from everyone. So what did we all attract? FB going down across the globe for the first time ever! I use FB to contact clients and advertisers all day, so I had to email and text. It being down for maybe 40 minutes sure reminded me what a giant convenience it is and also what giant source of connection I get from FB. Thanks for being out there.

Want patience?

When you pray for patience, do you wake up and your life is peaceful? LOL Wonder why did your life go to hell when you asked the Universe for patience? When you ask for patience, the Universe begins sending you one incident after another to trigger you, giving you many chances to react in a different way than you reacted before. When you begin reacting differently, you attract a different result, you find peace and with peace comes patience.

Locking doors keeps honest people honest

Reading the local Facebook Palm Bay crime pages, people complaining about their unlocked cars getting broken into AFTER complaining continually for months, years, about how bad neighborhood crime is getting. Maybe just because I’m from Miami but I lock my car even when it’s INSIDE my locked garage. I have burglar bars because I like living with doors and windows open when the weather is cool. I feel completely safe in my neighborhood. Locking doors keeps honest people honest.

What you put out returns to your loved ones as well

You can’t live your life getting ticked off at what everyone says and does and spewing hate and meanness and expect to have good karma come to your loved ones.

It’s one thing to not care about what comes back to YOU, but whatever you put out into the universe toward anyone is what comes back not only to you but to your loved ones for generations to come.

We are all living the results of that, right now, today.

I feel hopeful about how things are going

How are you feeling about the world these days? I feel there’s lots going on that I choose not to be part of but I feel hopeful, I feel optimistic. The powers-that-be are getting the WH situation under control. The people in my immediate circle are relatively happy, relatively healthy and have some kind of plan for their lives that they’re in the process of working. Sure, most could use a little more money, some could use a little more love but there is a growing sense of “we are all in this together.” More neighbors are smiling and waving. I’m hopeful.

Criticism is a Gift

Criticism is an immense gift for those who are interested in self-realization. For those who aren’t, welcome to hell, welcome to being at war with your partner, your neighbors, your children, your boss. When you open your arms to criticism, you are your own direct path to freedom, because you can’t change us or what we think about you. Byron Katie

Periodic storms is the price we pay for living in Paradise

Give extra time to get to work in the morning since low lying streets are flooded. Yes, some streets are flooded but this is Florida. We know the price we pay to live in Paradise is a few times a year Mother Nature parties a little hardier than others and we get a little beat up. We prepare as best we can then we stick together till we get through it.  The rain helps show us where our weak or cracked areas are so we can patch and heal them before the next storm dances through. it also shows who we can really count on in a crisis. Whether it’s a roof, a window or just your peace of mind and daily routine, muddle through during the trauma and afterward patch it up as best you can.  It won’t be the last time. Each time makes us stronger. And remember we’re all in this together even though few of us are talking to each other as we pass each other in real life .