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You can make it easy

Friends and I were talking about why things become easier as you get older. I think a big reason is that as you get older you make more informed choices, you stop incurring new karma because you let little things slide, you forgive and stop harboring resentment. Also you begin acting wisely to put things in motion to keep you with income, you stop spending foolishly and stop supporting people who will not support themselves.

I attract another centerfold

As the deadline for the April Horizons nears, I have two pages available so I’ve been visualizing attracting 2 new ads. Some friends had “the centerfold” for several months last year so all week I’ve been recalling how fun that was. I got a call today from a new person who asked the price for the centerfold for 1, 3 and 6 months. I don’t even advertise “the centerfold!” Even a few moments a few times a day of setting intention and fantasizing what I want helps speed it to me. You, too.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
To paraphrase Warren Buffett above, I can sit in the shade today because I planted trees.
Plant trees while you’re young –> in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s get enough training to have good skills, to get good jobs. 


How To Have A Better Tomorrow

Art by Lisa Evans

How To Have A Better Tomorrow: Prime your positive pump by saying such things as: “The thing that I liked about that was…  My favorite part of that was…” Follow any positive thread that you find, thinking about the best parts of your day; and then, once you are feeling the effect of your positive thoughts, focus on your dominant intention right now: getting a good nights sleep and awakening refreshed in the morning.  Say to yourself, ‘I’m going to sleep now; and while I’m sleeping, because my thoughts will be inactive, attraction will stop and my physical body will be completely refreshed at every level.’ Turn your attention to the immediate things around you, like the comfort of your bed, the softness of your pillow, the well-being of your moment. And then softly set forth the intention: ‘I will sleep well, and I will awaken refreshed with another new, good feeling, positive point of attraction.’ And then go off to sleep. Abraham Hicks

I-95 brush fire turns me onto Sunpass

The clouds of dark smoke billowed in the sky as a brush fire closed I-95 Sunday as we were driving home from Fort Lauderdale.  We ran into it at 2:30pm.  I was glad for GPS because I got a Google alert letting me know traffic was ahead. It showed me I could get onto the turnpike 6 miles ahead at the Northlake Blvd exit. It took about 30 minutes to travel the 6 miles then I headed west to the Turnpike. I haven’t taken it for about 15 years and didn’t recall where the exits were. The Turnpike runs parallel and right alongside I-95 for a good stretch down south. But my exit is Hwy 192 which is in Kissimmee, 40 minutes west of I-95. I wanted to find the first exit I could get off once I was north of the brush fires.   Continue reading