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The August 2015 Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

8-15 cover The August 2015 Horizons Magazine is now online at

Here are the August 2015 Horoscopes by Barbara Lee:

Aries: May 20 to April 19 I Am
This month you will have tapped into a deeper than usual dimension than previously experienced. Your new found vitality will inspire you to share ancient wisdom that can change the world. Your connection to source energizes you to continue to channel love and light to everything you do.   Continue reading

Not a good idea to “test the waters for Christian conversation” at work

A friend mentioned that in a new job, he’s “testing the waters for Christian conversation.” This is a good man who only means well. My own experience through much of my life was that these conversations can quickly turn awkward and feel like an invasion of privacy when you’re confined together in a work setting. I never mind someone making a personal comment referencing their religion, but I never want to be asked “do you know Jesus?” I’d never say Hare Krishna to a stranger or ask “do you know Shiva?”  This man is a friend of mine and his job will be driving clients to appointments. I hope he doesn’t find himself in a pickle thinking people may be more tolerant than they are. I’d hate for someone to complain and jeopardize his job.   I have a No Soliciting sign on my door that also says No Boy Scouts, No Jehovah’s Witnesses, No Mormons.  In the early years when I first started awakening, I actually prayed that I would not become like my born again friends who alienated everyone by their fervent enthusiasm in their new found faith. I’m not sure if I achieved that or not.

Remembering Ma Yoga Shakti this Guru Purnimaa Day

Our beloved  Guru, Mataji, Ma Yoga Shakti  Saraswati Maha Mandleshwar

Our beloved Guru, Mataji, Ma Yoga Shakti Saraswati Maha Mandleshwar

Hail to Beloved Mataji on this Guru Purnimaa day of celebration and remembrance. On February 20, 2015, H. H. Ma Yoga Shakti Saraswati Maha Mandleshwar entered mahasamadhi.   Grief doesn’t have to be grim.  We check out of our physical bodies so our work can take on a new dimension. When we die a physical death, when we pass from this Earth plane, we move on to the next where we survive in consciousness and continue what we incarnated to do. 
About Mataji April 2, 1927 — February 20, 2015.  Mataji is one of 5 living female hindu saints documented in Daughters of the Goddess, The Women Saints of India authored by Linda Johnsen.

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Superfoods: Discovering chia seeds, super greens and lechithin

chia supergreens smoothieI have a bad habit of skipping breakfast, a time I should be fueling up for the morning. I’ve begun doing smoothies again and I went to Naturesmarket Healthfoods today for some Spirutein Whey Vanilla protein powder. While there, I thought I’d get some extra nutrition while I was at it. I stocked up on chia seeds, magic greens (it has spirulina in it, also alfalfa powder chlorella and barley grass) and soy lethicin for my power smoothies. I told the clerk I used to take soy lecithin but I don’t remember what I took it for. She laughed and said it’s good for memory!    Continue reading

Is it ever OK to shame someone for having a different belief system?

I’m not sure how I feel about the shaming of the dentist. His lifestyle and his beliefs made it okay for him to go on safari to acquire a trophy. He contracted professional guides who took him on what he may not have known was an illegal hunt of a protected animal. I am not sure where this falls as far as is it okay to shame someone for having a different belief system? I do know it falls under God permits all things to happen, and if we’re in the midst of God’s will, which we are at all times, how can we not rejoice?  Continue reading

A business plan? That’s not how I do business

I woke up at 10pm to an email my tax chick sent asking for more info for my 2014 return. I got excited she was working on it! I’m glad I keep everything filed because I found it all right away. Then I began my billing while I was in numbers mode. LOL I did notice that however my new tax accountant was blessed with so much work that she couldn’t keep up with it all so she filed me an extension and we’re finishing up right now. A friend asked how can I be at the end of July and not have a business plan for the next year if I did not know how my business did last year? But that’s not how I do business.

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Magnesium Chloride for Health and Rejuvenation

Magnesium is nothing short of a miracle mineral in its healing effect on a wide range of diseases as well as in its ability to rejuvenate the aging body. We know that it is essential for many enzyme reactions, especially in regard to cellular energy production, for the health of the brain and nervous system and also for healthy teeth and bones. However, it may come as a surprise that in the form of magnesium chloride it is also an impressive infection fighter.   Continue reading

I restore my meditation area to its original location

altar 7-29-15I woke up yesterday morning and sat to meditate. It wasn’t happening. I’d moved my altar area a few months ago and it still did not feel comfortable. Today was the day to do something about it. Since I’m rehabbing my knee, I moved the exercise bike, the HealthRider and the rebounder off to one side. I also can’t sit cross legged on the floor right now, either, which cramps my style. Formerly, I had the inside of my fireplace lined in mirrored tiles, with altar items inside and posters of deities overhead on the mantelpiece. I had to take them out of the fireplace because Benny the Cat thought that was a cool place to walk around. I moved a two shelf cabinet with clear doors in front of the fireplace. It has a short strand of lights inside and now contains all the altar items, as well as on top. I moved a café table and two chairs to the center of the room. My meditation area was now situated the same as it had been the last 20+ years. It felt familiar again. I felt in the slot once more. Meditation came easily after that.   

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One reason I don’t plan things ahead of time

Once again it’s near midnight as I plan tomorrow. I need to drive to Cassadaga this week to deliver the August Horizons to them, and want to ask a galpal to take the ride with me. Except I won’t know until I wake up which day I want to go. I’d leave by 8:30am. She’s not an early riser. I like to let people sleep. I may also wake up wanting to go alone. The best I can hope for is to text her as soon as I wake up and know and if she can do it, yay. I spent a lot of years having friends get ticked at me for breaking commitments to attend things I should never have committed to doing in the first place. That was so unfair to everyone, and disrespectful of their time. I learned my lesson. But then I’m one of those people who if I have something scheduled and someone cancels, I’m stoked to have the extra time back.

A friend finds a good handyman to replace his shallow well pump

The new pump and fittings!

The new pump and fittings!

A friend’s shallow well water pump at home went out and I did a shout out on Facebook for referrals to get it replaced. The house was built in 2006 yet the pump had to be replaced in 2014. It should not have gone out again. Mine lasted me 25 years. I also asked my spidey sense friends to locate the receipt for the 2014 pump installation, which belongs in the manila envelope in the hutch. We’ve looked thru all paper in the house several times and can’t find it. A friend referred me to handyman Robert DiBenedetto, who was here an hour later.   Continue reading