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Hurried Intimacy Defeats Getting to Know Partner By Patrick McGinnis

There is an excellent article here Hurried Intimacy Defeats Getting to Know Partner By Patrick McGinnis, Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Published by the Press Journal “Your News” 2013-7-31 and I agree.  It took a year for my last partner to show the side of him everyone warned me about.  Half my reading sessions address the topic of: had they waited, they would have never gotten involved. Dr. Patrick writes: “You need to know him, not just what he says, but how he acts in various situations… Real love relationships are marked by affection, mutual respect, the desire for the partner’s happiness, compatibility of interests and preferences, the ability to get along during stressful times, the ability to be oneself while allowing the partner to be who they are. It takes time to know if these characteristics are present and consistent.”

I can tell how far up the spiral I am by the ones I attract to be in person with

Just had the most fun in-person reading with a new friend at Starbucks on Palm Bay Road.  It tickles and inspires me when someone has really good changes coming up and they are excited to jump into them. Especially when it’s someone I look forward to hanging with! Gotta love vibrational matching: I can tell how far up the spiral I am by the ones I attract to be in person with.  Apparently I’m soaring.

Me, a social marketer?

A business-savvy friend called me a good “social marketer.” Me? I Googled it. Since I “use marketing with other concepts to achieve goals for a social good,” he’s right. I just think of it as keeping up with my friends on Facebook, sharing stuff I find interesting, while I go about my working day. Ironically what I do to take a break from work brings me more business. Nice to know that simply being me is not only in style, it’s progressive.

Doing **what??** for dollars???

Six weeks ago I gave a friend an unusual exercise to perform to manifest dollars into her life.  It involved doing a specific series of particular pleasurable activities while having her goal running as a subtitle to her daily (inner, mental) movie. She thought it wasn’t working… until she got yesterday’s mail. Yep, we both rock.  There is enormous power in knowing how to control the chemicals contained in your own brain and body and how to activate them to live your best life and get the most enjoyment out of it.  Can you hold the thought (believe the possibility) that anything you do in your life that brings you intense pleasure can also help bring you closer to any goal or dream you wish? Can you entertain the idea that the emotions of pleasure and joy can be the vehicle thru which your imaginations manifest into the 3-D?  Imagine that.  No, really, imagine that.

Want to gain weight? Add grains to your diet.

An interesting experiment the last 5 days. Instead of my standard chicken, veggie and fruit meals, I’ve opted for sandwiches, canned soup and raisin bran with almond milk. Tonight I’m up 3 pounds and my sinuses are filled. Nice. Last week I kept feeling hungry although I was eating good portions. I just wasn’t eating many starches: a plantain here, a baked potato there. I made pasta once. Mostly salads, veggies and chicken. My weight slipped a couple of pounds below where I like it, so I decided to have a few days of more hearty fare. I’d cooked Cuban rice and beans for a friend but knew that was a slippery slope for me. I can get used to eating rice and beans every day just for the flavor, when I really thrive on lighter dishes. I decided on sandwiches for a few days, with canned soup, and cereal with almond milk for breakfast.  Adding grains to my diet = automatic weight gain.  Good to know! Afternote: Three days of “normal” eating knocked the weight off and cleared the sinuses.  

Hope For The Flowers by Trina Paulus

*Hope was born…
Chapter I  ONCE UPON A TIME a tiny striped caterpillar burst from the egg which has been home for so long. “Hello World,” he said. “It sure is bright out here in the sun.” “I’m hungry,” he thought and straightway began to eat the leaf he was born on. And he ate another leaf… and another…and another… and another. And he got bigger…and bigger …and bigger…. Until one day he stopped eating and thought, “There must be more to life than just eating and getting bigger.”

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When you expect it and believe it, you’ll see it

Have you noticed how your entire life can change in the twinkling of an eye? How things can go from nice and content to better than you ever thought possible, overnight? How suddenly the way opens for you and every good thing you ever wanted comes flowing in at almost breakneck speed?  A pal and I are both experiencing that at the same time. Now that’s the kind of vibrational match to have!

Reflections on a day at the beach

The turning of the tide is such a powerful happening. The rising tide, God’s exhale; the ebbing tide, God’s inhale. At tide’s turn, I stand in the gap between the breaths and experience the unspeakable Unknowable. If I’m lucky, it takes my breath away and absorbs me in It.

Troubles come to pass, they don’t come to stay

Troubles come to pass, they don’t come to stay. They only stay when you glom onto them and stay focused on them. Worries come to pass. Hold them lightly and let them slip through your fingers. Let them pass. They want to keep moving.