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Energy Healed Me — Over the Phone! Scientist Meryl Davids Landau Explains How

Over the years I’ve been to a number of energy therapists who’ve used methods ranging from their hands to acupuncture needles to tuning forks to cure whatever’s ailed me (and it usually did). But the last time, when an odd pain kept me from traveling to a practitioner’s office, the ache was vanquished over the phone.  That was more woo-woo than even I could handle (even though I’ve written about various forms of energy healing for years), which got me wondering, how is it that a therapist — using nothing more than thoughts and energy — can help someone improve their health? Continue reading

I’m taking today off to enjoy what I have and to celebrate where and how I live

This morning's view of the east garden from inside the main suite

It’s a beautiful cool morning out there, Weatherbug tells me it’s 69 degrees and only 90% humidity.  I got up about dawn and ran to Planet Fitness for a workout before I could change my mind.  Now I’ve got all the doors and windows open and am drinking black coffee for a morning buzz.  I’ve already rearranged my bedroom and put a different comforter on the bed, anticipating cooler nights.   I pulled down the dark-out curtains and opened the sliding glass door to the scenic view of the east woods.  There were several squirrels doing their morning dance on the branches of the oak canopy overhead, chattering and chasing each other.  Today I’ll deliver the October Horizons Magazine and go into the oriental market for black fungus and tiger lily buds, mushrooms and tofu for a hot and sour soup. Yes, I’ll check email, voice mail and Facebook but am otherwise taking the day off to enjoy it.

Were you ever in a relationship where, when you look back on it, all along you were just waiting for it to begin and it never even took off except in your own head?  Ya gotta laugh.

Sexuality on the Spiritual Path: just another facet of Personality Integration

couple blue cosmicI asked on Facebook, “When you first became aware of being on a spiritual path, did your sex drive increase, decrease or stay the same?”   Mine would swing from zero to overload.  Using breath meditation, I learned to distribute the prana, the chi, the kundalini, the energy, throughout the system so it was easier to integrate.  What we feel as sexual energy is simply the flow of life force energy focused in a particular energy center (chakra) of our body.  As we walk along the spiritual path, our focus of attention will begin to take us on a journey through all the chakras.  In time you’ll learn which chakras you are currently focused in, where there is a free flow of energy.  If you are polarized in a particular area, you’ll know it because you’ll notice the symptoms and take measures to correct them. Continue reading

A similar situation, two different responses. We have a choice of how to act and reaction in every situation.

http://kmadisonmoore.blogspot.comA while back, some friends were holding an evening of music and two buddies agreed to sit in and accompany my roommate Jeremy Bonner.  It was a night of good music, good friends and good fun.  I met one guy’s wife for the first time and she didn’t appear happy to be there.  She didn’t appear interested in talking with me either.  Several times she went out and sat in their car, but not once did she stand or sit with him.  Just stared with the not so happy face.  At one point as I was standing near her watching a group perform, she said “I thought they were only supposed to play 3 songs each, this is their 6th song.”  As the wife of a musician, I figure she has to expect that musicians seldom if ever go on at the appointed time.  They did go on a half hour later than expected but it was a fun hour with good people and she was the only one counting.  And pouting.  She didn’t even try to put on a happy face or act supportive of her mate.  I joked with her husband on the way out, ‘Oh you’re going to have a fun ride home,” to which he replied, “Nah. We’re each in charge of our own happiness and I’ve had a good time tonight.” I got the impression he really did.  I thought what a cool and enlightened view that is, and how wise to take responsibility for your own happiness that way.

Continue reading

Daydream big. It stretches your mind to allow new thoughtforms.

I found this note I’d written to a friend a year ago.  It’s always a good reminder:  “The fact is the universe delivers to you more of whatever you’re thinking about and it doesn’t care if you’re thinking about something you’re doing or something you’re daydreaming about.  If you’re thinking about something you like, you stay in that vibe longer and you attract stuff that becomes visible on that vibrational level. Good friends, happy times, job opportunities, baby mama being nice, finding a dollar in your pocket. Lucky stuff all around.  If you think about things going on in the world you DON’T like, you stay in THAT vibe and you attract stuff of that vibrational level: more fighting, more criticism, less $, everyone wanting a piece of you, can’t catch a break and get ahead, feeling trapped. Continue reading

Domino asks how to get over a broken heart

Domino writes: “Once again I thought I found the man of my dreams.  Without warning, last month he said we were over.   True, we’re not very compatible but we had fun so my heart hurts from missing him.  We work together and are in the same social circles, so I see him almost every day.  How do I remove the hurt from my heart?  I feel like maybe I should change jobs and go to different churches and restaurants so I won’t see him anymore.  How do I stop the pain?

Andrea responded, “Those you attract to you are a manifestation of your vibration, every time.  They come as evidence of what you’re doing vibrationally, every time. They came because you summoned them with your practiced vibration.”   If you are with your partner as evidence of what you’ve been habitually doing vibrationally, it stands to reason that if you’d like a change, you’ll begin doing things to vibrate in a different place yourself. That can be as simple as focusing on new topics, focusing on new people, focusing on new places.

When parting from any kind of relationship, while it’s freeing to be able to say what you feel and have it all out in the open, there’s no need to go back and rehash “but you said this,” or “you promised that.”  All that becomes irrelevant in the moment that either thinks, “This is no longer my destination.”  Continuing beyond that point is a disservice to both parties.  Now it’s time to move on to better feeling thoughts.  Continue reading