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The March Horizons Magazine is now online

Saturday, February 28, 2009. I just put the March issue of Horizons Magazine online.  I have created a bit of a monster having so many pages to update, but it does make it a lot easier for readers to skim through and find what they want.  And if that’s the point, then I have to work with that end in sight.  My brother writes out these amazing step by step instructions that lets me do all kinds of things myself that I would not otherwise want to deal with.   He always does things to make me feel smarter than I really am.  He’s the coolest brother ever, even if he wasn’t my own. Continue reading

We do have an AVOID button – here’s how to use it

Saturday, February 28, 2009.  I’d written earlier in my post Why are Mapquest & Google directions so out of the way ? about how Mapquest and Google sometimes give you directions that take you way off course.  I said I prefer Mapquest because it gives you the option to “Avoid” a particular route and offers alternative routes.   I remarked, “Wouldn’t it be nice if every choice we didn’t like had an “Avoid” button?”  I immediately remembered it does! We each do have a personal “Avoid” switch.  It’s our focus.  Our “Avoid” switch is our choice of focus.

Why are Mapquest & Google directions so out of the way?

Saturday, February 28, 2009.   Did you ever do a Mapquest or Google for directions to somewhere you already know how to get to?  And you wonder why they are taking you way out of the way along side streets, and not the fastest or most direct route?   Ok, that’s a rhetorical question.  A friend just told me that everyone knows they do that because they are making sure you pass their advertisers’ businesses.  Well, I didn’t know that and have no idea if it’s true, but it would certainly explain it. Continue reading

Miracles! They can happen to you, too.

Wife Wins House After Husband Laid Off. AP.    DANVILLE, Calif. (Feb. 25) – Susan Wells was thrilled to learn she’d won a $2 million house in a raffle days after her husband had been laid off from his job. “I’m floored,” said Wells, who bought the ticket as a surprise to celebrate the couple’s 16th anniversary. “I can’t believe this has happened. Needless to say, my husband is very surprised.”  The couple already own a home south of San Francisco, and if they don’t want to move they have the option of $1.2 million in cash. They’re still deciding what do, but Brad Wells, who had been a sales executive for a Silicon Valley high-tech company, said the winnings are definitely a boost.  “I got laid off on Wednesday and the company went bankrupt on Friday,” he said. The couple got word of their win on Saturday. “It’s been a really rough ride for the last year. This gives us an unbelievable lift.”

Now that is a nice scenario to contemplate, to prepave with your own creative visualization, to just ponder on and imagine and think how you would feel.  Just think about it.  And go buy a lotto ticket.

Take a one week news fast. How deep do you want to go?

Friday, February 27, 2009.   So which is it?  Does the government and the media control whether I’m optimistic about my future possibilities?  Or do I get my daily input from a higher source? That’s what I wrote to a friend of mine who was not quite sure about all this law of attraction buzz.  He watches the news vigilantly.  “So you don’t believe the whole law of attraction thang: that your thoughts bring your experiences to you?” Continue reading

My clients are the best *the worst turns into the best*

This has been a week of ups and downs for sure.  Friday was the big mailing day for the March Horizons Magazine, then being excited about the Expo of Heart in Fort Lauderdale last Sunday.   Expo of Heart was a whirlwind.  Named by Lifetime Television as America’s No. 1 Psychic, Fort Lauderdale’s own Michelle Whitedove filled all the seats in the largest speaking event with 225+ people. You can read more about her at this post.  Everyone at Conscious Living Partnership did an outstanding job producing the expo and you’ll hear more about it after everyone winds down from the event. Continue reading

Gotta love A T & T

Wednesday, February 25, 2009.   Too funny.  I spent hours on the phone with several ATT techs this week placing orders for different services and today I get emails from clients I’m waiting on calls from.  They say  when they call my number they are told it is disconnected.  I called ATT back, and they assured me my phone would be back on by midnight tonight. Yay, a day without phones, maybe I can get billing done on time!  Noon update: so much for a break, phone is back on…