Monthly Archives: November 2003

What is the value of contacting ghosts or loved ones in spirit?

What is the value in knowing that ghosts or spirits exist? It confirms that life goes on and that we survive physical death. When we lose our fear of death, a more expansive life becomes available to us. What is the value in interacting with ghosts or spirits? It demystifies a natural experience for us. It shows us that, just as here on Earth, there are many personalities to be dealt with and many levels of understanding, many dimensions some call it, many planes of existence. Most of the ‘ghosts’ you encounter that inhabit a particular haunted place might be termed earthbound, and often have a repetitive routine that seems to be ultimately pointless. If they are able to communicate, they may be ‘stuck’ on particular sentences and phrases, despite what you say to them in your attempt to engage them in dialogue. So far that describes a lot of physical people I know as well *LOL* Continue reading