Yearly Archives: 2000

I get robbed, a little, the night I was the coldest I’ve ever been.

Brrrrrr.  I realize how lucky I have it, having grown up in Florida.  I can’t imagine what real cold must feel like.  The coldest I’ve ever been is back in January 2000.  I’d driven all day to arrive after dark at a home I had in Murphy, NC and when I arrived, it was 15 degrees and snowflakey.  I’d picked up groceries in Elijay, GA on my way in.  I thought how good a hot shower would feel, and I would heat soup on the stove and the heater would be going by the time I got out of the shower.  I came in and went right to the kitchen to set groceries down and get my soup going.  I found I had no water!  I went into the bathroom and tried that faucet, no water.  So much for a shower, much less a hot one. Continue reading