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The End of Death As We Know It: What The Crossing Over Experience Was Like As Reported By Those Who Made The Transition

We see it on tv all the time; violent death and painful trauma on the way to it. Movies are filled with it, it’s on tv all day and night, and our generation and our kids grew up with it. No wonder the thought of death strikes fear in most of us! But as usual, what’s shown in the media isn’t necessarily how things are; it’s just what sells tickets.  This article is excerpted from a compilation of personal case histories of people I’ve read for. I wanted to share it because I’ve witnessed many times where those who did not believe in an afterlife were surprised with messages from loved ones, although they had been brought up to believe otherwise. I love watching someone experience the dawning of a new understanding as their former, limited belief system crumbles.   Continue reading

Her Perception Upon Dying

A channelled message from the nonphysical perspective of one who recently made their transition. This came to me during a telephone reading in response to a daughter inquiring about a beloved parent who had recently passed.    

As you watched my body lapse and fail,
I watched Creation unfold in all its Glory;

As my body contorted as though in pain, all I felt was joyful bliss at glimpsing what lie beyond. My final tears were not in frustration of incapacity, they sprang forth in welcome relief and freedom.

My lack of response concerned you so yet I heard every word and felt every kiss
While my tongue was quiet, my mind’s eye was filled with sights and sensations of such Loving immersion that no words could begin to describe it; so I didn’t even try.

Rather, perhaps selfishly, I chose to slip my grateful shell of a body and merge myself in the brilliant Light and Radiance  of that overwhelmingly loving and comforting Presence  that so benevolently graced my final days.

Copyright 1999 Andrea deMichaelis

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